Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So we've been a little M.I.A. lately...

I can't believe how fast time goes by. But then again, when you're trying to sew and glue things every waking moment, you do sort of lose track of time.

So Apple Hill is in full swing and we've now entered the 'red zone' as it is referred to. (meaning, we've hit peak season) Things have progressively gotten better as the weeks have gone by and I really think we're getting the hang of it. I now know that I should start stocking my inventory in January vs. August, and that you can't go wrong with pink and brown, and moms think anything 'white' will get dirty too fast. Oh yeah, and 'tweens' seem to think my bows are the coolest thing.

Another 'learning lesson' I've had, is that I should have swallowed my pride and took a photo of my booth the first day we were there. IT WAS HORRIBLE. Seriously - like, 'did-you-find-your-stuff-in-a-dumpster' horrible. Okay, so maybe not THAT bad, but it looked pretty darn cheesy. Now, I am happy to say that our table cloths actually cover the tables and hang to the ground, the large photos are printed on a heavy cardstock/board thing (and aren't tied to the tent), and my 'signage' has my logo on it (rather than being paper and cardstock glued together). Fred - the guy in charge of everything was really happy with it this past weekend (I think he felt a bit sorry for me that first day).

Something else that is super fun about Apple Hill is the 'community' of fellow crafters and vendors. I'm serious - I think I look forward to seeing them just as much as I look forward to selling stuff. If we have a little break, or we take a restroom run, Bob and I will take turns making the rounds, and checking in with everyone. A few of our favorites are: Mary - she makes pillow cases that look like big stuffed animals (Claire LOVES her monkey pillow), Lila - she makes little people out of polymer clay, Mike & Molly - Molly makes beautiful jewerly out of some kind of glass. It's not really my style, but I SOOO appreciate it for other people and I respect the work and talent that goes into it. Plus -they're just a super cool couple. Francie - she's not really a crafter, but she works Lynn's booth (who does clever 'sayings' enhanced with cartoonish drawings). Gene does the 'whirlys' - he cuts out various animal shapes from wood and adds these spinner things that go crazy in the wind. And our newest friend Jerome - he's super quiet, but one of the nicest guys you've ever met. I'm sure he has a million and one interesting stories that he could share - so hopefully we'll be able to talk to him more in our next few trips up there. He does pictures on canvas (mom has one of Bodie). Oh, and how can I forget Stephanie! She does 'themed' picture frames, and she also informed me that October is 'off the chain'.

Anyway, it's a great time, there's great food, and obviously the greatest company.

Now onto another sales pitch:

I had a mom come to my booth with her daughter and she saw my red Bloom and said, 'hey look, it's like Kai-lan!'. (I noticed that comment for two reasons: 1) that particular Bloom is not the right shape as Kai-lan's, so she was slightly mistaken and 2) she was 'white' and her daughter was 'white'. I didn't know that people other than Asians embraced the little Chinese Dora - so kudos to her!)

So in honor of the show 'Ni hao, Kai-lan' - I now bring to you, 'Kai-lan inspired Blooms'.

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