Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mom, I'm sorry!!!

I think just about everyone has had the same experience of having their mom cut their bangs the night before school pictures. And considering that 'Asian hair' is one of the toughest types of hair to cut, I never really gave my mom any slack for my crooked bangs.

So mom, let me be the first to say: I'm SORRY!!!

It is WAY harder than I thought. Claire's hair is always in her face, and even her little cousins will walk up to her and try and push her hair to the side. I finally hit my breaking point when Claire kept waking up with her hair stuck to her nose (she has a snotty nose right now - I think a slight bug). So being the spontaneous person that I am, I whipped out my scissors and cut her bangs.

I have to say, it's really hard. Not only because you're afraid of cutting you kid's forehead, but sometimes the hair just doesn't lay right. Plus, I have to factor in that Claire's hair wants to grow straight foward, and I'm trying to train it to go to the side. At first I did an 'angled bang', but it just looked like it was REALLY a-symetrical, and NOT in a good way.

The jury's still out if I made the right decision. I go back and forth thinking it's cute. Honestly, she looks like my wii character.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sweet Boots!

Back in February when I did that Baby Expo, I picked up some shoes for Claire. They are these super ANNOYING shoes that squeak when you walk. Even though I knew it would be the death of me, I still bought them, because the image of Claire walking around with them on her feet made me laugh really hard.

And to my delight, I was right.

The other 2 pairs of shoes I bought are too small now (hmm. bummer.) but the boots totally fit - if not a bit roomy. They are completely ugly (unless you bought them for your child - then they are SO adorable) but in the privacy of our own home, they're not too bad.

Claire completely freaked (in a good way) when she first started walking in them. She couldn't figure out where the squeaking was coming from. But after about 10 seconds, she was running around, and I was laughing really hard. Fortunately - she doesn't seem all that interested in them - it was fun, but now she's over it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Little 'Claire' to Brighten Your Day

Well... I'll be honest. I'm totally in love with Claire lately. She is becoming such a little person and I think it's the best thing EVER!!! I'm afraid of becoming one of those moms who always talks about their kid and you're standing there with a smile on your face, nodding in agreement, while thinking in your brain, 'shut up, shut up, shut up.' So I figure I can get away with posting pictures on the blog because if you really don't want to see them, you can close out the page without me knowing.

So, without further ado - here are a couple photos of my dear little Claire. (which by the way, we call her 'the girl', and 'pookie' or 'pook-ster'. I know some people think I'm saying poop or poopie, and that's SO not the case!)

On the rare occasion where the carseat is in the house, you'll find Claire playing in it. I don't know what it is about the carseat that she finds so fun, as all she can do is sit or stand in it. (please excuse the dirty outfit - this was shot after she consumed one of her meals)

Hay y'all!!! Ya like my hat?!?!?!

Caught in the act of reading.
Yes, she's brilliant and will probably attend an ivy league school. I mean, she IS Asian!

I honestly don't recall her being angry at me when I took this picture - even though she looks like it. I just thought the green beard was funny. The girl loves her avocado!

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