Friday, April 30, 2010

The Truth About Berry Picking

There is this back road I can take to get to another back road, that takes me to the 'back route' to get to my parents house. I don't go over there very often, but the other day I did. And guess what I saw - yep - the Strawberry Stand that's located on the corner back there IS OPEN!

WHOO-HOO! I love fresh strawberries. And I'm not talking about the ones from the grocery store that you have to 'sugar' to make sweet. I'm talking fresh-off-the-vine-that-grows-in-the-ground fresh! Every season I go and get some, and every season I wish I would have gotten more. So I'm super excited right now. 

And as I was planning my next trip to the berry stand, it made me think of the first time I went berry picking when I lived back in Connecticut. We lived close to a place called 'Jones's Farm'. They had everything: Christmas Trees, berries, a ton of stuff - you could go there year around. Well, during a visit from my best friend, we thought it would be fun to go strawberry picking. I had never done it before, and I actually really liked blueberry picking, so off we went. To get to the strawberry patch we had to take a ride on the 'Very Merry Berry Ferry' (which is actually a flat bed type truck). Once you get out to the patch, you're then given general 'parameters' of your 'picking area'. Once you're assigned your spot, you take your little basket and start picking. 

Okay, so I'm not sure what happens to me when I get into my little berry picking area, but it's like I entered the 'crazy zone'. First, I get really competitive with other 'pickers'. I'm watching where they're going and I don't like seeing people reaching over into my area. Also, being on your hands and knees is hard stuff! It's really back breaking work. The sun seems hotter, the dirt seems dustier and those berries become prize possessions. And during that trip - we did work hard. Or at least it felt like it, because as we were climbing onto the Berry Ferry, I started to feel a little weird. Once we were sitting, I turned to my BFF and said, 'um... I think I'm going to faint...' and instantly she she took action. (this stems from an incident back when we were in high school where I cut my hand on a broken glass while washing it and I fainted. She actually thought I died because she saw my eyes roll up into my head) She had me lay down and kept saying, 'Eat a strawberry - I think they contain water!' And while I was trying to drink my strawberry, I remember everything was  spinning and I kept thinking 'Don't fall off the Berry Ferry... Don't fall off the Berry Ferry'. I could just see the headlines, 'Asian Falls off Truck at Local Berry Farm'. Yeah. That would have been super embarrassing.

I don't know what is more pathetic: The fact that I almost fainted, or the fact that we were in our late 20's when this took place. 

Either way, I survived, and now I happily 'support' my local berry stand - and I fully appreciate every berry in that box!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fun with the Grandparents

So it's common knowledge amongst the grandkids in our family that being at my parent's house is the bomb diggity. I don't think there has been even one, of the 10 grandkids who has voiced anything negative about being there. In fact, it has been always been the opposite... tears have been shed once the parents arrive. 

Last week Bob had to work a couple of days at the Walgreen's up near them. So of course we all jump at the excuse to go visit the 'rents. While Bob was busy 'pharming', I was busy filling some wholesale orders, and Claire... well... she had a blast. Here's a couple of the highlights:

Baking Bread. 
My Mom's bread is pretty well known around these parts. 
So Claire got to get in on the action.

She helped cover the bread

It was so super cute to see her get involved
(although she didn't like getting her hands dirty)

but don't forget Grampa
Claire had some crazy fun with my Dad

Apparently my Dad sets up this dolly-thingy
and Claire props herself against it.

You can see them going all over the place. 
Although she might look a bit nervous, 
it's actually one of her favorite things.

So thanks again for the great time Mom and Dad. I know when Claire get's older it's going to be activities like these that will be the best memories for her. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What happens when an Adoptee walks into a Korean Market?

thankfully... not much.

I have to say, I was a bit apprehensive about this trip. I've been wanting to check out a 'local' Korean Market, but when I say 'local', I'm talking about a 40 minute drive one way. Also, the last time I went into a Korean Market it was years ago when I lived in So Cal and it was a very uncomfortable experience. Granted, I was young, so I was still in my I'm-insecure-about-alot-of-stuff-and-hate-being-outside-of-my-comfort-zone state of mind. But now, being much older wiser, I felt more prepared to make the trip. 

I was trying to be all 'stealth' taking pictures of the Market.
I didn't want people seeing me taking photos with my phone and 
think I was a weirdo, so I tried to make it look like I was texting instead.

Then Claire yelled, "Mom - stop taking pictures!"

so I took a photo of the shopping cart handle instead.

From there I put away the phone, took a deep breath, and starting pushing my cart into the store. As I walked in and looked to my left, I froze... there, right before my eyes... WAS A KOREAN DRAMA VIDEO RENTAL SECTION! I quickly scanned the posters on the walls, and recognized only a couple. I seriously contemplated trying to rent some, but then I realized that they were on VHS, and the chances of me accruing late fees were pretty high. So I moved on to produce.  

The Market was pretty clean an organized. I browsed through the entire store and found some fun stuff. I got confused in the noodle aisle, completely missed the rice, and when I smiled at the 'white' stock guy thinking he'd ask me if I needed help since I must have looked sooo out of place - it dawned on me that I looked liked 90% of the other shoppers in the store. (this market also carries Russian items as well - I know, random right?)

The only 'awkward' moment was when I finally found the rice. I wanted to get some sticky rice and I wasn't sure what brand to get. There was only one brand that I've seen in the grocery store by my house, and the rest were in Korean... with the only english words being 'rice'. Fortunately there was a Korean woman also looking at rice. So I asked her, 'do you by any chance know which one is a good sticky rice?' She looked at me a bit confused, so I instantly freaked in my brain that maybe it isn't called 'sticky rice', but something else. She then said, 'what is it you're trying to make?' 

here's where it got weird

I think I might have slightly panicked. I wanted to just say 'oh nothing in particular, I just like sticky rice' but I also had this fleeting thought that maybe I should explain that I can't read Korean because I'm adopted but I just started making basic Korean food, this is my first time here, I live 40 minutes away, and I'm really excited to find soy bean sprouts. 

So instead, I said:
um... nothing... I've just... this is my first time in a store like this out here.

and no joke
the lady paused... looked at me... and mumbled
as she turned and walked away. 

Hahahahaha! I don't blame her, I came across pretty crazy. But know what was crazier? In the aisle where they sold kitchen utensils they sold 'fashion leggings' right next to the spatulas. I would have taken a picture but I was afraid that it would have been confiscated. 

Here's what I ended up getting:

I only like the radish Kimchi. So I was stoked to find this.
Although... I think I want to try and make it myself.

I bribed Claire into being some-what good by promising the 
Hello Kitty Treats. I got the banana thingys for me 
(I think they're Russian)
not that great... not that great.

I just ran out of chopsticks... and these were the 'round' kind!
only $.99!!! Awesome!

My rice and noodles. 
Not sure how I'll use the noodles... but the rice is delicious :)

The whole reason I went to the Korean Market to begin with.
I came home and tried making the 'side dish' that I've been craving.
Long story short - it stunk. Both literally and taste wise. 
Good thing I got two bags.

Some snacky-snacks. The ones on the right are FABULOUS
But check out the girl on the one on the left!

I bought them just for her!

Anyway - it was fun, but next time I'll bring a list. There's actually another Korean Market that I'd like to see too. They were both highly recommended, so it will be fun to compare the two. Until then, I guess I'll go eat my sticky rice and try making the bean sprouts again.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

When I hear this song...

it makes me feel like I should be sitting alone

staring out a window

watching a storm 

through thick mist

while slowly drinking scotch

and smoking a cigarette

but I'm sitting in the kitchen

it's too dark to see outside

there's no storm

the sky is clear

I don't like scotch

and I've never smoked a cigarette

(I guess you win some and you lose some)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love Scenes

So I'm supposed to be reading my book for Book Club. I hear it's a 'heavy' one... ugh. That already makes me tired. I tend to be more for the light-hearted-fiction. You know, like romantic comedies in book form. Although I do love me some 'period pieces'. Actually, I think it's more like 'anything with a great love scene'. And in regards to 'love scenes' - I'm not talking about 'adult situations'. I'm talking about those moments where characters have an interchange involving confessing their love with such passion and angst that you feel it right through the pages. Or maybe it's a tender moment, where the honesty that passes between the two is so simple and pure that you find your eyes are suddenly watering. And it's not just books where this happens to me... but movies as well. So in true procrastinating form, instead of reading my Book Club book, I'm going to list 5 of my favorite 'love scenes'. 

Scene #1:
The Notebook
I saw the movie, and yes, it makes me cry, but the Book made me bawl
You know the part where Noah (as the old man)
 sneaks down to Allie's room at the very end?
Well in the book he had a stroke, and not a heart attack. 
So he had to drag half of himself 
(since he had partial paralysis) to her room. 
Finish it off with them falling asleep together - forever - and you've got
one heck of a love scene.

Scene #2
Pride & Prejudice
Sadly, I have not read the book. But it's on the 'to do' list. 
But in the movie... when Mr. Darcy is walking
 through the morning mist... and he stumbles over his words
 as he tells Lizzy that he loves her
(which I think it was 3 times - no?)
Ahh... now that's a beautiful love scene.

Scene # 3
(So I guess I officially moved from Books to Movies)
Okay, so I LOVE the part where the boat has sunk and 
Rose is lying on the headboard.
Jack is telling her that she has to live
 and do all the things she's dreamed out.
Considering he was about 90% frozen, that was one hot love scene.
*and just for the record - I don't think women were crazy
 about Leonardo... they were all crazy about Jack Dawson.
 I mean, who wouldn't want a man who sees
all the 'good' that's inside you and loves you for the person
that you have yet to personally discover!

Scene #4
Anne of Green Gables
um... heck yeah I had to include this movie!
It's only one of the best made-for-TV-films OF ALL TIMES.
Anyway, there are many wonderful moments in this treasure trove
of love scenes, but one of my absolute favorites might actually be in 
Anne of Avonlea. It's when Anne goes to the wedding and
 Gilbert follows her into the stable area. She has just heard
 Josie Pie making fun of her for being 
a bridesmaid again and she's trying to leave the wedding.
 Gilbert follows her, and then proposes. 
She says no, they go back and forth, and then the part that
absolutely kills me is when in one last final effort,
 Gilbert looks Anne in the eyes, 
and desperately whispers, 'please say yes'.
ugh... my heart hurts just thinking about it... 
this love scene is a force to be reckoned with.

Scene #5
Becoming Jane
This movie is one long love scene.
Not only is it a super dramatic tale of unrequited love,
but it made me love Anne Hathaway (I wasn't a fan before)
and made me REALLY love James McAvoy.
The part that is the most intense love scene for me, is when 
Jane realizes that Tom's family truly depends on him for survival.
She knows that the 'right' thing to do is to not runaway with him, 
even though her heart says she must. So when they are at a carriage 
stop and Jane decides to go back, and Tom is begging her not to, and 
 keeps asking her, 'but do you love me?' over and over...
that leaves me absolutely no choice but to 'ugly cry'.
* and ugly cry did I ever! I'm talking nose running, face swollen,
and weird noises (you know what I mean... it's when
you're crying really hard, and you know you're going to make a loud
sobbing noise if your mouth is open so you keep it shut by shoving
your blanket over your mouth to stop any sound waves from leaving. 
But the pressure from the sobs backs up because you're kind of holding
your breath, so all of the sudden this weird
 explosion of spit, tears, and air bursts out - which if anyone
wasn't looking at you at that point, 
they certainly are now - and as you draw in a big breath of air
(in reaction to the huge exhale that just happened) you kind of make 
this weird gasping sound that is a cross between a goat dying
and a fog horn.

or is that just me?

Anyway, those are my picks for fabulous love scenes. What are yours? I'd love to know... and maybe I can procrastinate a bit more and check out your picks, vs reading for Book Club.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Claire's bangs were getting too long, so I decided to give them a little trim. I have visions of her bangs being short, with a small 'poof' on top (think 'Snookie' but take it down... oh... a million notches) all pulled back into a pony, and finished off with one of my Bloom headbands. Unfortunately, she hates wearing stuff in her hair. Even ponies. I'll put them in, and then a little while later she'll say, 'I want these off!' I guess you win some and you lose some. 

I must say, I was soooo proud of her tonight when I cut her bangs. There have been many a times where she has moved her head last minute or up and down, and I end up chopping some crazy uneven line, or a big chunk out. But tonight... well, she was in rare form. When I asked her to close her eyes, she did! And she sat perfectly still while doing it. 



I apologize for the picture quality. My battery is just about dead in my camera so I was trying to take them as fast as I could. 

I'm actually thinking about cutting layers in her hair. Since she doesn't like to wear stuff in it, I figure I might as well give her a super cute haircut that just requires a bit of blow drying. She lets me take the flat iron to it, so maybe she'll let me 'fix' her hair on a daily basis... or maybe not. 

Hmm... I just realized that 'bangs with layers ending around the shoulders' is what I'm trying to do with my hair... Geesh. I guess I'm already trying to live vicariously through my daughter. I thought that stuff didn't start for at least another five years. While we're at it, does anyone have a 'tween' they wanna let me borrow? My niece is going to be gone when Justin Bieber is in town and none of my 30-something friends wanna go to his concert.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Startin' Fresh

For some reason I feel like a need a new start. I think it has something to do with my dabbling in cooking the past few days. Or maybe it's was after Bob cut down a ton of bushes in back yard. It was so ... refreshing ... the small space that was over grown with branches, shrubs and weeds is now clean and bare. And I. love. it. 

So I'm thinking that's what my life needs... a little 'pruning' so to speak. I have no idea when gardeners actually do pruning, but I know they do it at some point so that the next year plants come back fuller (or at least I think I read something like that somewhere at some point). Maybe it's like when you're supposed to fertilize your lawn (which I think that happens some time before winter - but like always, I could most definitely be wrong). 

Anyway, I need pruning. And in pretty much all areas of my life. I'm starting to feel 'over grown' and for the first time I really want to feel 'clean and bare'. Now HOLD UP. Don't get all weird in that analogy, I'm just talking about getting rid of the 'extra' and feel like my life is back under control. Which if I'm being honest, I'm not sure if I've ever felt totally in control of my life. I feel like I'm always playing 'catch up'. So here's what I'm thinking might help, I want to work on:

Planned Meals
I've never made a meal calendar.
I'm intrigued, but I'm not sure where exactly to start
Bob's schedule varies week to week, so sometimes
he's not home at a normal 'meal time'

Show Up to the Gym
Bless my trainer, Jeff. He puts up with a lot. 
I've been promising him for months now that I'll start doing cardio.
My mantra has been 'I can't go to Korea fat'
so I really need to get a workin' on that!
If I get a referral tomorrow, I'm totally screwed.

Organize Claire's Bedrooms
Yes, you read it right, that's in plural form. 
Claire is currently in her bedroom, and then I have the 'new' 
bedroom for when her brother arrives that she'll transition
into. Right now it's filled with clothes, blankets, bags,
you name it. I gotta get those sorted through.

Organize my Office/Work Space
I hired a professional organizer (they really have those things!)
who helped sort through my stuff and got rid of a lot. But I'm still not
as streamlined as I'd like to be. So I have to figure some new plan 
of attack. There's fabric and stuff everywhere!

Organize a HUGE Garage Sale for our Adoption
We have too much stuff. Literally. So after seeing a friend do a 
Garage Sale as an Adoption Fundraiser, I want to do the same. It's 
just finding the time to sort through everything! I have some great 
stuff I'll be getting rid of... seriously! I used to work at Pottery Barn and 
all of my paychecks went to buying stuff. So I'll be selling... umm..

Hmmm. It seems like I'm using the word 'Organize' too much. That's probably half my problem. I get really overwhelmed when I think about all that needs to be done, but I decided that I'm going to start tackling it.... right after I finish the 4 wholesale orders that I have sitting... waiting to be completed... Ugh. But for me, writing this all out is almost like making a contract with myself. And now that's out in the cyber world, I'm sure that will result in some slight form of accountability - right? 

So here's to a fresh start. I'm cleaning out the playlist (which in case you didn't know, I add a new song for each post I do - I think it's a challenge to find a theme song for my life - but feel free to 'mute' if you're not in the mood), my blog will be getting a new make over soon (just saw a draft of it), and tomorrow I'm going to do cardio after my training session for the first time since ... Thanksgiving? Oh, and if you have any tips for how I can achieve said goals listed above, I'm open to any and all suggestions!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bad Hair Day... or more like 6 Months

This may be a surprise to some, but I'm actually pretty conservative when it comes to my hair. But deep inside there is this girl who wants to rock the Posh Spice 'do'  sooooo bad.

But alas... I lack the bone structure
(plus a few other things...)

I've had my hair long, short, in between, bangs, no bangs, layers, one length - you name it. I also really like color - but not crazy color. Just stuff like lighter browns, highlights, dark red tones, and I even had a short stint as an almost blonde (one of my dreams is to be a honey blonde ... oh if wishes came true...)

Anyway, before Claire was born I had my hair really long and layered. It was almost to the middle of my back. Took a bit to blow dry, but but I liked it (although my sister would compare me to Hilary Duff when I curled it... yeah... whatever...). Once Claire came along, I realized 6 weeks later that I had actually fixed my hair a whole whopping ONE TIME since she came home. My signature style became taking my towel dried hair and pulling it into a knot mixed with a scrunchy. Not exactly date night material. So I cut it all off. That means, for the past 3 years I have had short hair. 

And now the time has come for a change. Not only have I decided to grow it out longer, but I'm actually back to my NATURAL HAIR COLOR. This is an amazing feat since I haven't seen it since I was about 19 years old. (and honestly, I thought my hair was more of a medium brown... but no, it is in fact black) During this 'grow out' phase, my thought is to keep my bangs short, while the layers grow out - as my 'finished' look would be bangs with layers ending somewhere around my shoulders. 

So the other night I gave myself a bang trim as they were getting to the point where I was just pinning them to the side with a bobby pin. I think in my brain I thought I looked like this:

When in reality it was more like this:

I know, I know, I'm not blonde. 
So maybe this is a better representation:

Ah! And then it hit me.
I wrote about my love for Korean Dramas and one of my
favorites is 'Boys Over Flowers'. 
My hair is like Jan Di's - the heroine who is known for being
ugly, quirky and from a 'humble' background.


Yikes. Is this a sucky picture or what? Normally I wouldn't post such a horrid thing but I didn't want people to think I was exaggerating on how bad my hair looks right now.  Please keep in mind there was really yellow lighting and I wasn't wearing any make-up - not that it really makes a difference - and yes, I do realize that I cut my bangs crooked. Gosh I hope the next few months fly by.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Did I mention that I almost burned down my kitchen?

After being inspired by my friend's Blog, I've been trying to cook more these days (I'm not much of a cooker). And since I'm adopting a kid from Korea (and the fact that I'm also a Korean adoptee) I've also been trying to learn more about Korean culture (emphasis mainly on food at this point - although I have about 4 books that are going to teach me about culture, etiquette and where to sight see). Mix those two together, and you got me in the kitchen trying to make Bulgogi (Korean BBQ). 

This recipe has been posted on an adoption forum that I'm a part of. Every time I see it (which is when I 'search' in the archives to read the recipe again) it sooo puts me in the mood for Korean food. 

*** okay, I have to do a little disclaimer real quick. I talk about how I love Korean food - which I do - but it's only some Korean food that I dig. I actually can't handle spicy food at all. Seriously, like mild salsa makes my tongue hurt. And I abhor runny eggs - which there are recipes where they just crack an egg on top and are done with it. Yeah... not my favorite. So my version of 'Korean food' is really only the tip of the iceberg in what Korean cuisine can offer you. If you have an adventurous palette, then I say go to your friendly neighborhood Korean restaurant and try the real deal. If your palette is more on the simple side (like mine) then maybe my version is worth trying.  Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled blog post ***

So Monday was going to be the 'big day' where I was going to make Bulgogi. I had it all planned in my head. I would make all this stuff, surprise Bob with my homemaker-ish skills, and then have him cook the meat on the grill. Feeling pret-ty good at this point (this is before I left for the grocery store). 

Anyway, I take Claire to the store where I stock up on all the random ingredients that I need (pear juice? where do I find that? And ginger puree? Please tell me they sell that stuff. I don't know how to use a food processor - or do you need a blender?) and then it's back home and putting everything out on the kitchen island. I contemplated taking a photo, but then you would have seen how messy my dinning room table is, so I scrapped that idea. 

As I'm getting myself organized, I realize that I still have a piece of Meatball pizza left (which is a 'Take U Bake' pizza from Raley's and has a super thin crust - SO GOOD) so I stick it in the microwave on a paper towel for 15 seconds, and then start chopping my green onion... or scallion.. or whatever it is. 

I'm not exactly sure what happened between setting the timer for 15 seconds and hitting 'cook', but something really bad did indeed take place. I'm not sure how much time actually went by, but as I'm chopping away, I realize that I'm smelling smoke. I look up, and dark grey smoke (the really thick kind) is POURING from the microwave. I run over and hit 'stop' and notice that it's counting back from 92 minutes... shoot. I have no idea how long it was cooking for. Smoke is still pouring out, so I quickly run and open the sliding glass door... and then the front door... and open a window... *did I mention it's pouring rain outside?* and then open another window.... and turn on the ceiling fan. I can actually feel my throat itching from the smoke at this point so I grab Claire and tell her we have to run upstairs - which we do - but then I remember that smoke 'rises', so I turn on the two ceiling fans upstairs and then take her back down stairs and tell her to sit on the floor. I grab a towel and try to 'fan' the smoke out, to which Claire keeps yelling, 'Mommy - what are you trying to catch? Mommy - what are you doing?' At one point I heard her say, 'hey - I can't see my bike' (which that bike was only 15 feet away at best, and you could totally see it. We'll have to have a little talk about how exaggerating-during-crisis-moments-is-not-helpful-to-mommy on another day)

At this point I'm hoping that the pizza isn't on fire anymore, and gather the courage to open the microwave door (I'll admit, I kinda thought it might explode in my face). There wasn't a flame to be seen and I quickly grabbed the pizzapapertowel and threw it outside. 

I'm actually still kinda amazed at how much smoke that little sucker produced. 

Oh yeah... the silver lining in this story is that by some good fortune I did not have any batteries in any of my smoke alarms. (they were ALL doing that annoying, random chirping that literally drives you insane. So in a fit of rage we took all the batteries out. I'm actually thinking we need new smoke alarms in general because I read somewhere that the units need to be changed out every 7-10 years.) While some of you might have just gasped at the knowledge that there aren't any working smoke alarms in my house  (at the moment!) do not be afraid. I think more bodily harm would have happened if I had to go through that whole ordeal with a screeching, high pitched devil cry going off in my ears. And while you may still be contemplating whether or not you should call CPS, rest in the knowledge that Bob has tomorrow off and I'm sending him to the store to get new alarms or batteries - what ever he finds first.

And in case you were wondering...

my Bulgogi turned out fantastic!

PS... taxes are due today

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Cupcakes

As you know, I've been playing around with cupcakes lately. Ever since Claire saw the picture of these 'duck' cupcakes, she's been asking for them. I keep telling her that we don't have the stuff to make them, so then she asks to go to the store to 'get the stuff'. Man, she's persistent! It's a good thing it was her birthday, otherwise, I'm not sure if I would have caved (or at least caved this soon).  Fortunately Bob was there to help, so into the wee hours of the night, we melted, dipped, snipped, cut, frosted, rolled and shaped random bits of treats into little cupcake masterpieces. 

well... maybe that's exaggerating just a bit on that last part

We had a smallish 'party' with a few friends so I needed some cupcakes for that. And then we were also having dinner with some of her cousins, so we needed some cupcakes for that. And then as a family, I thought I'd have some for us as well. Fortunately, there were 3 different cupcakes that I wanted to make.

The 'Mums'
 Gotta do those again because they make me feel really good about myself as a person. 
So that was purely a selfish choice to help build my self esteem. 

These are made by laying half of a mini donut
 on top of the cupcake before frosting. 
The picture in the book is SUPER cool. 
What's not super cool is that fact my donuts
 were smaller than the diameter my cupcake.
Trust me, it makes it MUCH harder and the results are less than stellar. 
(but I already have an email in to the writers of the book asking what kind of donuts they use  - and no, I'm not joking in the slightest)

And here come the 'Ducks'
These are hard, and the beaks were the toughest part
In fact, we spent alot of time just laughing at our creations.

Like this guy.
go ahead and insert any funny, obnoxious sound you want 
(that's what we did... for a good 10 minutes)

I decided to take the duck cupcakes when we went to dinner 
with my sister and her kids.
So right before we were to leave, I grabbed my cupcake carrier
turned the corner and saw...

She ate all the BEAKS off! Are you kidding me?!?!?!

*grumble*you know how long this took me*grumble*

ugh. well, at least I still had the Apples. I took those instead.

So all was not lost.
But it is worth mentioning that using cinnamon sugar
is not the best choice when making them for kids
(it's much too 'spicy')

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Sweetie Baby!

Oh my sweet Claire, happy 3rd birthday to you!

Daddy and I just finished spending an insane amount of time trying to make the duck cupcakes you wanted. They were super hard...
 and I'm not sure if you'll recognize them as ducks, but just know we love you enough to even try. 

It's amazing to me how much you've grown 
(even though you're still teeny tiny)

Shall we take a trip down memory lane? 

Here you are when you turned 1. 
How you hated to be cuddled. 

And of course, here's your best friend Bunny
To think he was actually a shade of pink is amazing

When you were 2, we took you to see the Ocean

You loved 'running' from the waves with Daddy
And feeling the wind in your hair

And this was at our recent trip to Newport Beach
I think you look so old!

Smiling and eating powdered donuts
Life is pretty great - don't you think?

I hope this year brings you many more 'firsts'
I hope you learn many new things
I hope you know that Daddy and I love you more than you'll ever know

Our lives would not be the same without you
You make me smile
(especially when you ask to listen to Justin 'Beaver')

So Happy Birthday to you
I love, love, LOVE you!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Love Letter

Dear ipad,

How do I love thee? 
Let me count thy ways...

Actually, there are too many.

But here are a few:

seriously - this rocks. 
I went to check out the Nook/Kindle and the ipad...
yeah... it's not even a fair comparison.

this is the day planner of all day planners
so easy to use

app store
I've already gotten some really cool apps
There are pre-school games for Claire
Facebook for me
Epicurious - for recipes & grocery lists
and the list continues...

surprisingly easy to use
the keyboard is awesome!

browsing the web
yeah... one more thing that is super nice
it's going to make using my phone seem kinda lame

Honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is SO much more I'm learning about this thing every day! No joke! I'm also going to set up a one-on-one meeting at my local Apple store to make sure I'm covering all the bases on what I need to know. 

And just to be sure that I can take 
extra special care of my new  boyfriend  ipad,
I bought a special case, but it won't arrive until the end of April

So I'm going to be a super nerd 
and keep the plastic wrapper on it until then
(sadly I'm not kidding either... I don't want smudges!)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Um... Someone Feels Like a ROCKSTAR (and that someone is ME!)

Hey - remember when I tried making those cupcakes with the chocolate butterflies and I ended up making super lame, crappy ones?

Well check out THESE BABIES!!!

Yeah. I know. SO freaking fabulous.

Aren't they just to DIE for?! 
I guess they're supposed to be 'Mums'...
but it totally doesn't matter to me

I'm just STOKED that they actually WORKED!

Granted, they were labeled 'EZ' in description, but who cares?! They were!
Ahh... nothing like a successful attempt at copying creativity to raise the ole self esteem. 
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