Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I've been locked out of this blog for a few weeks now. 


Like it wouldn't let me log out of my other email address
so I couldn't get onto my blog. 

but magically tonight, 

it let me on. 

and all the things I thought I needed to blog about,
I kinda can't remember what they were.

So I'll just leave you with this:

this cute guy is officially a Lesiw now. 
his finalization happened a couple of weeks ago. 

he wasn't super thrilled with having to wait for the judge
(who was running about 40 minutes late)
but sometimes life is just like that.

We learn to do things that we may not totally enjoy
but they make us a better person.

{like how I'm trying to teach Charlie to do 'jazz hands' on command}

so far it isn't happening, but it will... oh yes... it most certainly will.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Children's Day

in Korea there is a National Holiday knows as 

Children's Day

everyone gets the day off, amusement parks are packed
and families are all just hanging out with each other.

So we decided to start our own family tradition.

Of course this means I need a photo:

and of course it looks like we're off to a rough start
but the day did get progressively better as we made our way
across town and to our favorite Korean Restaurant.

me & the Chuckster
(I actually thought he was smiling in this photo. I literally
just saw that he's not. Oh well. He WAS smiling though. I promise)

Daddy & Claire
(all smiles. all the time)

banchan. my favorite.

bulgogi hot pot. my new favorite thing ever.
after lunch we came home and Charlie took a nap before
Claire's taekwondo class. Claire got to play on the ipad with Dad, 
and Mom got to play on Facebook.
(everybody wins)

after taekwondo, we head over to the mall.
Appa and Chuck go to the Apple Store,
while Momma and Claire head to Sephora.

(and just so you know, Claire actually likes to watch
make-up tutorials on YouTube. I don't know how she finds
them, but she does. And she will literally sit through them)

so for a Children's Day treat ... Claire got a make-up application.

she got to walk around and look at products

and once the perfect shades were picked out ...
... the magic started

she absolutely enjoyed every minute of it

and was super happy with the results

oh my sweet girl
I am so happy that you are my daughter
I love that you sing songs all the time
and you have your two imaginary friends:
(Molly - an older sister & Kate - her friend)
I love your friendly spirit
and how proud you are to introduce your brother to people
I love how you're becoming more adventurous
and how you're so excited to go to pre-school
and I love just about every little thing about you. 
You are that incredible. You really are.

and my crazy, crazy Chuckster
you have become such a Butter Ball
and you are a MONSTER eater
I love how much you love your Appa
(even though it means you like me less... way less)
and even though you chewed up a french fry the other day
and then took it out of your mouth and threw it at me for no reason
I still love you and your crazy antics
I love how much you're laughing
and how you like to 'dance' really fast by running in place
I love how you say 'hi' to everyone
and 'bye' to every car that passes by
and when you smile your super genuine smile
it makes me SO incredibly happy
so much so, that I usually burst out laughing
You are that fantastic. You really are.

so to my children:

I love you. 
I love so, SO much.
and I am so incredibly thankful 
that God allowed me to be your Mom.

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