Monday, September 26, 2011

what we've been up to

Yet again, I've failed to update the blog in quite some time. 

I know we've been busy, but at the same time, I can't remember 
what we've doing. Maybe that's a good thing?

But one thing I DO remember is that we celebrated Charlie's birthday!

He's TWO now. Can you believe it?!?!

getting smiling photos of Charlie is nearly impossible.

so I had to settle for some action shots instead.

but ... I figured out if I had him and Claire 'race' while having
Bob stand behind me while making silly faces and waving his arms ...

we could get Charlie to smile.

and this was one of my favorite shots.

Charlie has done so incredibly well. 
We just had an appointment with our Pediatric GI Specialist 
and she still is amazed at how well he is doing. 

Attachment is also going well for all of us.
Charlie is super secure and even his big sis has totally adjusted. 
(meaning, she doesn't talk about sending him back anymore)

But I'm proud of my girl. She, too, is growing up.

and she's loving that she has a little buddy to play with

and you know what? I think Chuckster likes it too.

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