Saturday, April 30, 2011

What do you get ...

... when you take this little girl

and put her in the same room with her Dad
while he watches some type of sporting show?

a total waste of Barbie band-aids.
(good thing they're cheap)

I have to say - it did make me a bit nervous
when we were out as I didn't want people to think 
she had some huge gaping wound underneath it all. 

but it was fun for a day
as we for sure had bath time that night.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seriously ... it was the best I could get

hope everyone had a 


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Costume Parties = Super Fun Times

This morning we had a Super Hero birthday party to go to.

I was trying to come up with the kids' costumes
and then it hit me. 

The Inspiration:

The Wonder Twins
(anyone remember them on TV?)

I had one kiddo who was super into it
(thank goodness!)

and one who wasn't too sure about it

 but even if it wasn't his favorite costume ever - 
it pretty much was mine!

ahhh yes  ...  I love this age. 

and mostly because I can still make them wear things 
that make me laugh super hard.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

tiny bubbles

so it was about time to whip out the ol' bubbles again.

this guy (with the runny nose) was super happy about it

I have to say, I forgot how messy bubbles are. 
I kinda hate getting all sticky.
But I suppose it's worth it for the sake of those we love.

Charlie had fun trying to 'catch' the bubbles

and even tried to blow some himself.

and he tried again ...

and he tried again ...

after his many tries ... I think he started to wonder what was up.

but luckily - he had his Noona near by.

who showed him how ...

and guess what?!

Thanks Noona for your help!
(and tomorrow ... I hear you have a pretty special day!)

 I can't wait!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

fun in the sun

after all the rain we had, I think it's safe to say that everyone
was looking forward to some days of sun. 

I think the best part is that now we're able to go out and play
after dinner and before bedtime.

so as the sun begins to get ready to sleep,
we hit the road for one last journey.

 and practice all sorts of super fun tricks

and hand out a few more smiles

with glowing crowns sitting on our heads

this little guy never wants to stop

and this sweet girl likes to pick me bouquets

so thank goodness there's always tomorrow. 
(well ... as long as there's no rain)

and on a totally random note ...

I took this picture of Charlie while he was eating bread.
He loves bread. And he was in a silly mood.
Which resulted in a photo that makes me laugh super hard.

So enjoy a bit of Chuck:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

tae kwon do

so we enrolled Claire in tae kwon do

her 'Tiny Tiger' class meets twice a week
and ohhhhhh are they so cute!

she's learning so many new skills

and having fun while she does

but Charles ... he got bored watching ...
(he'd rather be out there, but he's still too young)
so we went for a short walk

 but back inside, something super cool happened

Claire won the 'gold medal' which is given to only 1-2 kids
each class. You win the metal for following directions
and doing a good job. Considering this was her second class
we were VERY proud of her!
(after the medal/s are awarded, all the kids give 'high-fives')

 Claire was pretty excited

this is Lily. Her Mom told me that she has really wanted
to win the gold medal. So it was so fun 
that the girls got it together!

Claire has been wearing the medal at home

but we'll be bringing it back to the next class so
it can be awarded again. 

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