Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I feel like my life today is easily summed up in 3 parts...

The Good
I'm FINALLY done setting up

The Bad
I'm waiting for my bags to be brought up...
could be a while...

The Ugly
My Face.
I literally look tore back right now

My super great helper Gina and I arrive at Bally's and head over to our booth ready and excited to get started. It's actually pretty fun to see a blank space and know that in a couple of hours (or more like 8) you'll have a fun little space to sell your wares.

As we're setting things up, we start to notice the other booths around us. ALL of them have these REALLY nice, professional displays... with professional signage... and I start to freak out. I feel completely out of my element and realize that in the hopes of saving money by NOT shipping out 'freight' (and instead fit all my supplies into 2 large suitcases - and a couple of 'flat rate' mailing boxes) I have actually done myself a dis-service as now my booth looks like a 2nd grade craft project (and to any 2nd graders reading this - I'm not 'hating' on you, but when you're 33 you have different goals) and I kind of feel like crying a little bit - or fainting since I hadn't eaten anything.

The Good
I take a break and get something to eat
(and start brain storming a 'Plan B')

The Bad
My idea requires finding a Joann's,
buying new supplies & sewing new 'decorations'

The Ugly
Nothing like spending $150 on items you already have at home
Oh - and tack on $80 for the cab ride. Awesome.

If there's one good thing about today - it's that God allowed me to find 2 print fabrics that coordinate with the Blooms that I had already made. So it was able to be pulled together without looking like I did everything last minute (at least I think I'm pulling this off) We spend another 5 hours sewing, ironing, cutting, breaking, hanging, taping, sticking, folding, clipping, arranging and it turns out like this:

You may not notice a huge difference, but the difference is huge to me. I will say that I knew going into this that it would be a 'learning opportunity' as I have never done a show like this before. One main thing - is that I didn't bring enough product, or ways to display it. But hey - what are you going to do. Lesson learned.

So now I'm headed off to bed to get some much needed sleep. I'm hoping that my some-what salvaged booth will not be a total turn off to potential clients, and they'll still come and talk to me anyway.

Oh yeah, one more thing... if you happen to notice that the pictures are slightly crooked, or un-even, or something looks out of place - please don't tell me. I've totally come to an almost 'good place' about what we were able to get done and I really can't take any bad news... I don't have the energy - and sadly, I'm not kidding either.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Can You Guess How She Got Wet?

So I was over at my friend's house today as Claire plays really well with her son. Although we've learned that if they're being too quiet something must be up... We just finished uploading some photos from my camera to her computer when we walked out and found Claire drenched....

Actually, it was more like this:

I quickly said, 'CLAIRE! WHAT are you doing?!'

Yeah... she said she was drinking Rosco's water... and yes, Rosco is my friend's DOG!

Sorry Claire. But it isn't lady like to drink water out of a dog's bowl.
(no matter how much fun you think it might be!)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Our Trip to the Zoo

First, I have to start off by apologizing for that horrendous Mickey Mouse song that I had posted for a few weeks. Ugh. It was so annoying I didn't even want to come to my own blog. So I deleted all the music for a MUCH needed break. But I'm sure sooner than later I'll be posting a new soundtrack to my life.

Anyway, today Claire and I went to the Zoo and Fairy Tale Town. Now, I went to the zoo... oh... a couple of months ago (?), but I haven't been to FAIRY TALE TOWN in like... 25 years (yes, I'm that old) We went with some of my 'mom friends' and the kids had a great time. Needless to say, I'm WAY tired.

When we were getting ready to leave the zoo and head over to FTT (yeah... that's what the cool people refer to it as) we passed a booth where you could get free face painting done. Claire has never had that done so I thought she might enjoy it.

They had these little examples of the different choices you could choose from. So of course I'm like, 'Claire - do you want a butterfly? Do you want a lady bug?' And in true Claire form, she immediately points to the one she wants. No doubts about it!

Claire opted for her 'face painting' to go on her arm.
(I'm guessing she was going for a tattoo effect)

Here's the finished product!!!
Yeah. I know. I was like, 'WHAT?! You want the WALRUS?'

Checking it out - making sure it was as 'life like' as the example was.

I kept asking her, 'Claire, do you love your Walrus?'
And this was the look she gave me.

But in all honesty, I think she loved it. She showed it off proudly telling everyone (including herself) that she had gotten a Walrus.
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