Thursday, February 24, 2011

She's Growing Up

After Charlie got up from his nap, and before we had dinner,
I took the kids outside to get some fresh air. 

I pushed Charlie in his little car/bike/thingy
and Claire rode on her 'tooter scooter'
(which is a term coined from 'Wow Wow Wubbzy')

I watched her as she rode along and it just struck me how old she's getting.

She's turning 4 soon and all signs of a baby have disappeared.

I know I'm not supposed to get sentimental until her actual birthday
but my little pookey baby is no long a baby. 

... sigh ...

she really is becoming a Big Girl.

don't get me wrong - I love it

but I also miss this
(although, the fact that she's potty trained now is a pretty sweet deal)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Check it out!

My girlfriend who traveled to Korea with me
is getting ready to travel again...

... but this time to go meet her son!
(she'll now be a mom of two super cute Korean kiddos)

as part of her fundraising efforts
she's selling these super cool T-shirts

they come in many sizes
(from child - adult)

and some super cute colors. 

If you'd like to snag one of these for yourself
then click

pre-orders end on Monday!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

Compare and Contrast

I designated February as being my 'get organized' month.

My first project was to switch the playroom with my office.
I'm technically moving into a smaller space,
but it's waaaaaay more practical for me.

but the thing with starting these kinds of projects
is that I tend to get burned out quickly...

... so I start a smaller, more doable task ...

like sorting the kids clothes.

I started in Charlie's room and began pulling out the stuff
that was either 'not in season' right now, or too small.

I smiled to myself as I looked through the shirts and 
one-piece outfits that I had so much fun buying before he came home.

and of course I came across my favorite.
it's this little cotton one-piece that has brown & blue owls on it. 

it was the first outfit I put Charlie in when I got him in Korea.
so I thought I'd take photo of him in it now, and compare the two.

I have say,
even though I planned on doing a post comparing
the Charlie I met almost 4 months ago 
to the Charlie who I now know as my son
I had no idea how much it would effect me.

as I was getting the photos ready to load
I actually got choked up.
{and if I'm being honest - I still am}

the  Charlie  Min-hyeok-ah
that I brought back to the hotel with me on Oct 12th, 2010
was such a quiet little soul.
I was so nervous about what I was doing,
how I was feeling, trying to get to know him,
not wanting to scare him...

that I wonder if I ever really saw him...
 He looks so incredibly different to me
that I feel like I kinda don't even recognize him.
and I think he doesn't look well - like he still wasn't healthy.

my sweet little boy - you must have been so scared.
did I comfort you enough? 
did you know that I loved you?
that I would keep you safe?
that I would take care of you forever?

did you know that you would get stronger?
that you would love to eat?
and you would gain all sorts of weight?
and surprise your doctors?
and make your Omma so proud of you?

did you know that you would have an Appa that you adore?
and a Noona who you love to dance with?
and that it would take you over 3 months before you would 
lay your head on my shoulder because you wanted to
and not because you were tired?

and did you know that as you slowly revealed your personality
to us we would love you even more than we already did?
that you would make us laugh at your silly faces?
or when you 'bow' when we say kamsamnida (thank you)?

because you - my son - are such a delight.
you make me so happy that I get to be your Mom.

... even though you're calling me Omma less and less ...
{and it kinda makes me sad}

So I promise you this...
I will always be the Wind Beneath Your Wings.

I'm kidding.

I mean, of course I'll always be supportive, love you, yada yada yada,
but this was getting a bit too sentimental for me. 

but you certainly are a cute one, my Charles.
and I am keeping you forever.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Kinda Brilliant... but kinda NOT

so I took the kids to gymnastics 
and then had two errands I HAD to get done. 

gymnastics starts at 11am and gets done around noon.
then I had to go to a friends house that was a good 20 minutes away.

then I had to go to the beauty supply that was a good 20 minutes in another direction. 

and then I had to drive 15 minutes to get home 
so I could feed the kids lunch before Charlie goes down for a nap.

and if Charlie falls asleep in the car...

... well, then it'll be a BIG problem for nap time.

Charlie did great until we left my friend's house. 
he was hungry - and started throwing a fit. 

so what is a Mom to do?

well ... I saw these:

and these
(as they were still in the car - unopened - from our park trip)

I figured that at the next 'red light' I could reach back and give him some.
but as luck would have it - I wasn't hitting red lights. 

Charlie started crying and screaming even louder
and of course Claire starts chiming in with how she wants 
something to eat too ... 

so I did the only logical thing I could think of. 

I started throwing food at them. 

I'm not even kidding. I'm 5'4" and my wing span seems a bit stunted
so it's super hard for me to reach behind me and reach Claire's hands.
same goes for trying to reach Charlie. 

so handfuls of snacks flew behind me 
as I hoped the majority of them were landing on the kids ...

... or at least close enough for them to eat. 

so over-all I accomplished my goal.

Charlie stayed awake, the crying stopped, and they got some snacks. 

... but now I have to clean the car ...
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