Thursday, July 23, 2009


...and all they brought me was this headband!

Yeah... you read that right. Bob and I went to Disneyland and left Claire at home (actually, it was with the Grandparents). We had gotten these Disney 'hopper tickets' that were good for 3 days, and you had to use them within 45 days. The first time we used them we DID take Claire with us but it was a miserable experience for anyone who was in earshot of us. Let's just say the concept of 'waiting' was not something that Claire has mastered at this point. So I'm thinking we're not bringing her back until she's 4. Okay, so maybe 3 1/2 if she's lucky.

Since Bob and I had our 6 year anniversary on this past Sunday - we justified going without Claire by telling ourselves it was an anniversary trip. And honestly - we had a GREAT time. We flew down Monday night and stayed with my cousins, and then we all went to Disneyland together on Tuesday. They have season passes (and in the wise words of Napoleon Dynamite, 'luckyyyyyyy!') and even a parking pass. So it was smooth sailing. Honestly, I felt like we got to do everything we wanted, never waited longer than 30 minutes for a ride, and I was introduced to this magical goodness known as 'Dole Whips'.

There was a 'low point' to the day though. And thankfully, it was only once, and I rebounded from the event faster than I thought I would...

It all started when we were in line for The Pirates of the Caribbean. There was this group of 6 or so in front of us, and they kept taking pictures as we were going through the line. (It appeared to be a 'mom' and then siblings - maybe around the teenage years or so) We ended up in the same boat as them; directly behind them. Well, as soon as our little boat took off, they started up with the picture taking again. And for those of you who haven't been on the ride, IT'S REALLY DARK IN THERE. So if you take photos using a flash, you are going to BLIND EVERYONE IN THE BOAT. Seriously - they took a MINIMUM of 3-4 photos PER SCENE. So every time we pulled up to something new, flash... flash... flash.. flash... at one point they even turned around to take a photo of something behind them and it flashed directly in the eyes of my cousins. CRAZY!

I've never been SO annoyed before (actually, I probably have, but this was a pretty severe case). Once we got off I had a slight headache. And I was totally waiting for the Disney police to jump out when they got off the boat to confiscate their cameras... but no such luck. I did try and throw my meanest mad-dog look their way, but they never looked at me. Aw fooey.

But other than that, we had a super great time. We were in Southern Cal for less than 48 hours, so the time just flew by. I'm sad that it's over, but I'm SOOO glad we went. Here's to another 6 years with my man (and another 6 after that... and another 6 after that... and another 6 after that... and a... well.. I think you get the idea!)

*** SIDE NOTE: I forgot to mention in my last post that we're doing the Korea program and we're hoping for a little girl. Holt received our application and we had our initial phone 'interview' with the branch manager today. Looks like we're moving forward! Ah yes... let the rainfall of paperwork commence!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


So it's looking like I'm not able to post more than once a month. UGH. What is wrong with me?! I've totally committed myself to updating my other blog almost daily, but for some reason I just keep putting this one off...


I'm so thrilled to say that I now have a REASON to blog more. And what is that reason you ask? Well, it's to help keep my sanity as we start another ADOPTION journey!

* please note that is not a photo of me and Claire - but simply another Asian & child *

Okay, so here's the deal-lio: We decided to go with an International Adoption this time. Why? Well... many reasons actually. As most of you know, we had a really great experience adopting domestically with Claire (of course there were many 'hard parts', but overall it would probably rank in the top 5% of 'Smoothest Adoptions Ever') but there are many factors that we didn't have to 'experience' last time, that chances are, we'll have to this time. I'm a part of an online 'adoption group' and I can't tell you the amount of 'failed adoptions' that have been happening lately (and this is in a group of about 15 or so). Not to mention the cost. Honestly, I have a friend who went through 2 failed adoptions and just adopted her son literally days ago. Her bill? $40K. And there's still probably more to come with finalization, etc. I know this sounds like an extreme example, but sadly, it's not. Birthmother expenses are something that can really add up, and there's no 'hard rules' on what they will be. For us, we just can't take that chance.

We did look into Fost/Adopt and wanted to move forward with that, but again realized with all the 'rules' and 'red tape' that's involved, it wasn't going to to be an option that would work well with our lifestyle (basically meaning I can't handle the stress of all the documentation of any minor scrapes and bruises, background checks of anyone/everyone who MIGHT be a babysitter for us, etc). I so admire those who are able to Foster and I hope that one day we'll be able to do it as well.

So that brings us back to where we are now. Back in January of '08 we actually had started the process but put a 'hold' on it before we really got the train moving. A few days ago, I was talking to my sister about adopting again. (Actually - she was asking me if we were thinking about it again or not) I had all these reasons as to why we weren't sure, or 'what if' situations, or that we're just plain busy. Not to mention we don't have and extra $25K sitting around that we don't know what to do with. And in her true form, she basically gave me a pep talk that totally changed my mind. Now, it's not like she twisted my arm and said, 'you should adopt or I'll punch you in the face', but more along the lines of showing me that it's totally feasible and possible to do it.

Seriously, that conversation made me think 'why in the WORLD was I even hesitant before?'. I'm not worried about the timing (it could take about 2 years), I'm not worried about the process (just a bunch of paperwork and waiting), and I'm not worried about the money (Etsy here I come!) I'm super excited to see how God brings this all together and I'm PUMPED to get started. Oh, and when I brought it up to Bob, he jumped RIGHT ON BOARD. (of course - he's fabulous like that).

So the application is being put in the mail tomorrow (Monday) and our phone 'interview' with the Holt Branch Manager is scheduled for Wednesday. I can't wait to start my little 'time line' that I see all these other Adoptive Parents do on their blogs. It's like I'll be a part of new club. Cool.

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