Friday, November 16, 2007

New Milestones

Our dear, sweet Claire is definitely growing. I can't believe that its already been 7 months since she was born. I remember bringing her home, and dealing with the sleepless nights and asking Sara when it would end. She said around 12 weeks, and I thought that sounded like FOREVER. And here we are, sleeping through the night like a pro, and becoming more and more MOBILE!

Yes, Claire started moving across the floor at 6 months, which turned into an army crawl, which is now a full-fledged-on-hands-and-knees crawl. A couple of nights ago Bob was on the floor and Claire crawled over and started to pull herself up on his legs. We moved her back to see if she would do it again, to which she did. Not bad. Kind of cool even. Well, now what we thought was just 'cute' is apparently going to be an 'issue'.

I put Claire to bed and went downstairs so Bob and I could finish watching 'The Next Great American Band' (don't laugh, its a cool show: Friday nights, 8pm, Fox) and we're startled to hear Claire crying. And not just crying, but the I-hurt-myself-really-bad-so-come-help-me crying. I literally run upstairs (which is actually pretty hard for me and I don't like to make that a habit) to find Claire holding onto the end of her crib in tears. I'm guessing that she bonked her head or face or mouth somehow while trying to pull herself up. Bob was only a few strides behind me, and we just look at our cute little munchkin and think 'well.. now what?' Realizing that the crib mattress will now have to be lowered (but there's no way Bob is tackling that job tonight) we try and figure out what to do. The easiest and quickest answer is to set up the pack and play. So for tonight, Claire is sleeping in there and if she tries to pull herself up and falls, at least it'll be a soft landing.

So now a new phase of motherhood is starting for me. The whole 'make sure your kid doesn't hurt themselves too bad since they're trying to learn how to balance themselves' phase. I used to think (in the not so distant past) that things would just be easier with Claire once she started moving. Hmmm. Guess I was totally wrong on that.

Oh yeah... my house still isn't finished.


Tim, Nicole, Caitlin, Grace, and Carson Pickard said...

Way to go Claire! Your mama thought she was busy before and now you are going to give her a run for her money. By the way Carson said to say that he is jealous. He wants to chase his sisters so bad, but can't. Could you give him lessons. :)

MikeAndLiz said...

aww, how cute! Wach out Mommy, she's on the move!

Kostjuk5 said...

Wish we were there to see Claire bust her moves. Tell sweet Claire Lexi thinks she's cute and can't wait to hold her when we come to visit.
Wish we could be with you...
Toddy, Ash, Gavin, Lexi and Reesie

Garate's of Colorado said...

Okay Rachel, I saw a picture of Claire on Sara's blog, with her cousins under the BIG BLANKET! She is beautiful. You need to post more here, she is growing fast! Maybe you can catch a picture of her before she runs away!

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