Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3 Cheers for Best Buy!

So have a new best friend. His name is Corey, and he's a manager at Best Buy. This is why I love him.

We bought a 50 inch TV when we moved out here. We also happened to buy a 'service plan' (you know, one of those add-on's that they're always trying to sell you on) with the thought that we'd just use it to get free replacement bulbs. So besides getting 1 or 2 bulbs, we've never had to use it.

Until about 3 weeks ago.

I was watching Anne of Green Gables (don't laugh, it's an awesome movie) with one of my girlfriends and suddenly the TV makes this SUPER WEIRD, loud, humming noise and the color goes all wonky. So I immediately turn off the TV because I think it's going to explode (I seem to think this alot when anything malfunctions - maybe I watch too much TV). Anyway, after a few phone calls, a service visit from the Geek Squad (they now do electronics in addition to computers), a lot more annoying phone calls that say I just have to wait because they're 'looking into it', I FINALLY get a phone call this morning saying that since the process is taking so long, I am being given this confirmation number that entitles me to a FREE REPLACEMENT TV!!!

So I head down to Best Buy this afternoon and that is where I met Corey. Nice boy - his mom raised him right. Not only was he super nice to me, but he gave me a FREE UPGRADE! So now on Saturday we're getting a 61 INCH TV delievered to our house, and they're taking the old one away.

Wow. Right now, I think the only thing that could top this is if I woke up tomorrow and was magically 20 lbs lighter.

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Antonia said...

Can I just say that Anne of Green Gables was the first "big" book I read when I was young and the movies were amazing!! Isn't Gilbert just dreamy???

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