Thursday, August 13, 2009

Can You Guess How She Got Wet?

So I was over at my friend's house today as Claire plays really well with her son. Although we've learned that if they're being too quiet something must be up... We just finished uploading some photos from my camera to her computer when we walked out and found Claire drenched....

Actually, it was more like this:

I quickly said, 'CLAIRE! WHAT are you doing?!'

Yeah... she said she was drinking Rosco's water... and yes, Rosco is my friend's DOG!

Sorry Claire. But it isn't lady like to drink water out of a dog's bowl.
(no matter how much fun you think it might be!)


Sara said...


At first I thought she was drinking out of a "potty" and kinda threw up in my mouth. But then realized it was a doggie bowl, and remembered what good ol' Mom always says... "A dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's mouth". ;)

I'm pretty sure that just made you feel much better. ;)

P.S. Love the pics!

Amber said...

oh, no... lol. I love that you are such a good blogger that you got the camera out so you could share this moment with us. She is too cute even when drenched in doggy backwash :)

Rachel (Rogers) Nannie said...

This is so funny and cute!

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