Sunday, September 27, 2009

I hate liars

Really. I do. I decided that today.

Like... I hate when people say:
  • 82% of our vendors return every year
  • I found you through a friend (but can't quite remember) and love your work
  • Anything under $50 just flies through the door
  • There might be 3-4 hair accessory booths but they'll be so spread out you'll never run into each other
When in reality it's really like:
  • Just about everyone was a 1st time vendor
  • Pretty sure my name was taken from a list of vendors from a different show I did. Because I find it strangely coincidental that so many of us attended the same show back in April, and here we all are as first time vendors at this show... being quoted the same statistics
  • Anything under $5 WALKED through the door... not necessarily 'flew'
  • Awesome. 3 of us selling basically the same thing. And we're all pretty much right next to each other. Fantastic
While some of the lies might not be completely detrimental, the fact is, a lie is lie. And I ask specific questions before doing a show because more than likely, if I had gotten TRUTHFUL answers to my questions, I wouldn't have done it.

So what's a girl to do? Well, I already sent off an email explaining my 'frustrations' and they can expect to receive a phone call in the morning as well. I'm just not 'down' with their 'business tactics'.

But I guess good news for everyone else is that I have a TON of stock to get rid of. So a sale on my etsy site will be up pretty darn soon.

New photo of some felt hair goodies I have

While I LOVE the 'artistic' approach to this photo, it was completely unintentional and happened purely by luck.

Sneak peek of what's to come!


Sandhya said...

What a bummer! I'm sure all those shows need to resort to lying to get vendors to come in this slow economy...just stinks for the vendors. Love the new felt clips, though!

Sara said...

Yeah, I hate 'em too! :(

Buuuut, you have some pret-ty amazing pics there, sister! I've heard you talk about the "vision" of these pics and have to say they look awesome in person... or online... or whatever.

Hope today is better... oh and did I tell you that Ben become the president and we planted a money tree while you were gone? ;)

andy and meg said...

Nice one, Sara.

Sorry about your lame vendor people. No fun. I'm glad your calling and letter writing and letting them know who they're messin with. (insert air fist- punch towards vendor people here)

On a better note, I love the pic of kid hands holding your new hair accessories. And I LOVE the beanies you posted on FB. I hope your model is getting a hefty paycheck...or maybe a REALLY good cookie.

K.C. said...

It's the same way with shows here. I actually stopped doing them this fall, except for 1 juried show that I got in to.

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