Saturday, February 20, 2010

And just like that...

... we're DONE!

Yep, the power interviewing is finished and it only took 5.5 hours.

It'll probably be around 2-3 weeks until our homestudy goes to Oregon, and then the 'official' waiting begins. Turns out we're 'open' to quite a few things on the medical check list we filled out. I didn't think we were (as we're just doing really minor things), but apparently we are - and add that to the fact that we're requesting a boy... who knows... our wait may not be as long as we expected. But long or short, we're excited to see when it happens.

So now I'm off to celebrate by cutting ribbon. Literally. I have to cut a ton of ribbon right now.


andy and meg said...

Yaaaay! I can't wait to hear what happens next ;) Heck, maybe I'll go cut some ribbon to honor the event.


Angela :o) said...

Sending good luck vibes your way! ~~~~~Luck!~~~~~~

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