Monday, February 7, 2011

Compare and Contrast

I designated February as being my 'get organized' month.

My first project was to switch the playroom with my office.
I'm technically moving into a smaller space,
but it's waaaaaay more practical for me.

but the thing with starting these kinds of projects
is that I tend to get burned out quickly...

... so I start a smaller, more doable task ...

like sorting the kids clothes.

I started in Charlie's room and began pulling out the stuff
that was either 'not in season' right now, or too small.

I smiled to myself as I looked through the shirts and 
one-piece outfits that I had so much fun buying before he came home.

and of course I came across my favorite.
it's this little cotton one-piece that has brown & blue owls on it. 

it was the first outfit I put Charlie in when I got him in Korea.
so I thought I'd take photo of him in it now, and compare the two.

I have say,
even though I planned on doing a post comparing
the Charlie I met almost 4 months ago 
to the Charlie who I now know as my son
I had no idea how much it would effect me.

as I was getting the photos ready to load
I actually got choked up.
{and if I'm being honest - I still am}

the  Charlie  Min-hyeok-ah
that I brought back to the hotel with me on Oct 12th, 2010
was such a quiet little soul.
I was so nervous about what I was doing,
how I was feeling, trying to get to know him,
not wanting to scare him...

that I wonder if I ever really saw him...
 He looks so incredibly different to me
that I feel like I kinda don't even recognize him.
and I think he doesn't look well - like he still wasn't healthy.

my sweet little boy - you must have been so scared.
did I comfort you enough? 
did you know that I loved you?
that I would keep you safe?
that I would take care of you forever?

did you know that you would get stronger?
that you would love to eat?
and you would gain all sorts of weight?
and surprise your doctors?
and make your Omma so proud of you?

did you know that you would have an Appa that you adore?
and a Noona who you love to dance with?
and that it would take you over 3 months before you would 
lay your head on my shoulder because you wanted to
and not because you were tired?

and did you know that as you slowly revealed your personality
to us we would love you even more than we already did?
that you would make us laugh at your silly faces?
or when you 'bow' when we say kamsamnida (thank you)?

because you - my son - are such a delight.
you make me so happy that I get to be your Mom.

... even though you're calling me Omma less and less ...
{and it kinda makes me sad}

So I promise you this...
I will always be the Wind Beneath Your Wings.

I'm kidding.

I mean, of course I'll always be supportive, love you, yada yada yada,
but this was getting a bit too sentimental for me. 

but you certainly are a cute one, my Charles.
and I am keeping you forever.


Leah said...

Kleenex please! Charlie is doing so well, and he is soooo incredibly cute! I love seeing posts like this. Congrats to you and your family Rach! :)

CJ said...

Such a sweet post. Thank you for sharing! Knowing how rough those first days were for you and Charlie, it is so wonderful to see the change....Charlie looks happy and HEALTHY!

HighFiveMama said...

He is such a cutie Rachel! And oh by the way....I so love the owl outfit. You know I am doing Andrew's room with owls and just love that outfit. I love how you posted about changes in Charlie since he came home. It was a very sweet touching post.

Anonymous said...

Rachel, You are a very loving mommy to Charlie and he knows it. He's known it since he saw you, it was just his little mind that had to wrap around all the changes, but it was your love that calmed him, soothed him, and let him know that he was safe. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us, I feel privileged to see such a happy family and it touches my heart greatly. THIS is why I volunteer for the mission at Holt!

Kelly said...

Can I just say that you are one of the BEST MOMS I "know"!!!
I love your blog!!!!
He is such a cutie and just look how he is thriving with your family!!!! :) Makes me sooo happy to see! Love it!!!

Lacey B. said...

It's amazing the difference in his pictures. He looks like a healthy, happy toddler! You have a beautiful family Rachel.

innotof said...

Your post made me tear up, and then it made me crack up! Charlie is THRIVING!! You're doing a great job:)

Kimberly and Ed said...

Charlie is doing so well! They grow soooo fast - I did a comparison photo of Kyle in his hanbok at his dol and today. I couldn't believe how much he has changed.

The Parsons' blog said...

SO I was totally getting teary eyed and then got to the wind beneath your wings part. hahahaaaaa... love it. What a blessing he has you as his mom. He's thriving. It's so very evident.

stephanie said...

this is so precious.

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