Friday, August 5, 2011


I can't believe that 2 months have passed since I last posted.

well ... maybe I can.

just like everyone else, life has been busy in our household. 

and now I can hardly believe that Summer is quickly 
coming to a close.

but I sooooo love Fall
(so I can't say I'm all that disappointed)

Charlie has been home with us for about 10 months now
and life seems so normal with him
that it's kinda hard to remember what it was like without him.

our happy guy gives us many laughs

 and our sweet girl is starting to embrace being a big sister

the two are are becoming buds ... who (dare I say it) enjoy
playing together

Charlie loves saying 'hi' and 'bye' to EVERYONE

now if I could just get them to both look at me and smile
at the same time, life would be golden!

so that's the super boring recap of our lives.

(obviously you didn't miss much in the past 60 days)


Leah said...

I've been wanting to see more pics of them! So cute and glad to know C is embracing the "big sister" role, mine on the other hand could use more time! Love the pics! and Congrats on being a mamma of two....for now at least! ;)

Surely said...

Love the pic of the 2 gazing into 2 different distant galaxies far far away. :)

Karen said...

Super cute pics! :o)

Heather Brummett said...

Aww, love them! They are so cute!

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