Friday, December 7, 2007

Grace Group Christmas Party

So we just got back from the Grace Group Christmas Party and I have to hurry and get my photos posted as Sara and I have many of the same ones! The costume theme was 'entertaining Christmas attire', or something to that effect. Not everyone dressed up (and you know who you are!) but a lot of people did. I don't have full representation of all the costumes since my computer won't let me load some of the photos and I don't have the time, nor the patience to figure out why. So here is a small taste of what was there.

The Host and Hostess.
They came as 'The Night Before Christmas' and got to wear their pajamas.

'Three French Hens'
You know, it was a pretty clever costume. And I have to admit that I'm rather jealous of their creativity skills. The small details that you may not be able to see are the little scrolley french mustaches. Seriously, double click the photo for a full-sized view. You won't regret it!

I know. I think they're ridiculously cute too. Kind of makes you want to throw up a little.

We went as a 'Gingerbread Couple'.
Looking at this photo makes me think, 'Is it funny? Or just kind of sad?'
(Its amazing what you can do with felt and a glue gun.)


Moulton family said...

Hey where is a picture of me? Oh wait, I was one of those cool people who didn't dress up. Oops! Lol it was fun to watch all of you looking fabulous?? in your costumes. Good times.

Katie said...

You have to e-mail me our "hen" pictures!
:) You crack me up, and your gingerbread people were quite funny, and not sad at all! so when are we going swing dancing?

Sara said...

Hey Katie,

Why didn't you say anything about how cute the people in pj's looked? Must have been an oversight. :)

And, I'm going to make an executive decision, and say we're going swing dancing whenever YOU guys can make it! ;)


Tim, Nicole, Caitlin, Grace, and Carson Pickard said...

Thanks for the pictures! I am glad we did the dress up thing, lots of entertainment! Can you e-mail me the picture of Tim and I?

Kim said...

Now you know what will keep your head warm if you are ever in Vancouver in September again! Way cuter than the babushka (sp?)

Andersons said...

I have to say - cute not sad!! I love it. You and Bob win the award for sure. Thanks for the laugh.

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