Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Card Pictures

Well, its that time of year again... you know, where you're freaking out because you realize that you need to send out photos for Christmas but you didn't plan far enough ahead in advance to schedule your hair appointment for BEFORE your photo rather than after so you have really bad black roots that emphasize the fact that your blond hair is really artificial. Not to mention the fact that you also failed to pick out your 'outfits' until 30 minutes BEFORE you're getting the photos done so you're just HOPING that you have clean pants/shirts/socks/whatever.
Or maybe that is just the Lesiw household.

Anyway, our little 'photo-shoot' actually went really well, and Claire did a good job of being pleasant, even though it was around nap time. A big shout-out and thank you to the Moulton's who took our pictures and made us feel like our procrastination wasn't an issue. Christmas cards should start going out next week, and if you're reading this, and haven't been contacted by me via email for your mailing address, its probably because I DON'T HAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS and would love to get it! So just leave me a comment with your email address and I'll contact you! (and I'll delete your comment so it's not floating around in cyber space)

Hope everyone is enjoying the countdown to Christmas!

This was actually a close 2nd. The photo we went with 'showcases' Claire more. And when it comes down to it, isn't that all that really matters? I doubt people are disappointed if Bob and I aren't in it. (and seriously, no 'pitty comments' about how you'd love to see us in the picture because then I'll know that you really are a liar.)

We didn't use this picture for many reasons...
but honestly, I laugh really hard every time I look at it.
And that has to be worth something!


MikeAndLiz said...

I LOVE that last picture :) They all look great, but how cute!

Megan said...

My goodness, what a good looking family. You all look great. Claire is too beautiful. Hey, I love that dress she's wearing! Doesn't Wal Mart have the BEST selection?!

(Kidding-I had to throw it out, only because I know where you actually got the DARLING outfit...)

Cute, cute, cute!!

1890 NE Merman Dr. A303
Pullman, WA 99163

Kim said...

The pics are great! As soon as I got mine I showed it to Matthew. BTW, I love your haircut.

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