Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas/New Year... It came and went...

You would think that Christmas this year would be a big event in the Lesiw home as it is officially Claire's first Christmas, but I'm sad (I use that word loosely) to say that it was not!

We got Claire a few toys since she really doesn't need any, and I know she won't remember receiving her 'first Christmas gifts' and I think Bob would kill me if I bought her more clothes. So Christmas Eve, after Claire goes down for the night, Bob and I pull out her gifts... which have been sitting in the Target bag underneath the tree (which sits on a table) for the past few weeks. I'm looking at these toys and start thinking about what a hassle it's going to be in the morning to try and get all those zip ties off of the toys as Claire tries to play with them. That's when I got the nifty idea to take all the toys out of their boxes. So instead of Claire ripping paper off of toys for the first time in her life, she got to sit down in front of the couch while we hand the toys to her.

New Years was pretty much the same way. I'm going to be an 'exhibitor' at a Baby Expo in February, so I've become a little factory worker in our house. I've finished 300 Dragonfly clips, and I have a ton more to do. I'm hoping to have an insane amount of bows/clips/critters to bring to this thing, and then I'm hoping even MORE that they sell. We'll see what happens. And I'm sure I'll post pictures when it's all said and done. Anyway, back to New Years. I was working on bows, Bob was finishing up his 'continuing education credits' for licensing renewal, and Claire was sleeping. We didn't even watch the ball drop.

So now 2008 is here, and I can't wait to see what it brings. 2007 was life changing (to say the least) so I can't imagine anything 'topping' that one for a while.

It won't let me upload pictures... so I guess you'll just have to wait on those.

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