Sunday, February 17, 2008


Yes, it's official. I'm now entering the final week before the big Expo. Ribbon is being cut and folded. Glue is being melted and molded, and fingers are becoming little cramped, claw-like nubs. Okay, so that last part is a bit of an exaggeration. But my fingers do become cramped from time to time.

Last minute supplies and newly ordered graphics are starting to arrive. It's almost like Christmas - except better! TOTALLY kidding on that one. But it IS fun to get packages. Plus, I sometimes forget that I ordered stuff, and then I'm SO happy to see that I didn't forget something that I really did need.

I'll be taking alot of photos at the Expo so be prepared to check them out.

On another totally random note, I thought I'd share some tips on a really important topic. So, I hope you find this helpful:

How To Lose Your Pride: 101

1) After you take a shower, opt out of blow-drying your hair. Let it 'air dry'. Not only does this save you time, but it also saves you from having anything remotely close to a hair style. Also, your 'fringe' (or 'bangs' as some would call them) will then dry at an angle that will resist any form of 'shaping' - unless you completely re-wash the hair. It is best to discover this about 10 minutes before you're supposed to leave for a night out. Nothing makes you feel more confident then when you think you might be mistaken for a man.

2)For a Valentine's Day date with your hubby, agree to go with 3 other couples bowling. And not just bowling, but a 'come-in-matching-Valentine's-day-T-shirts-because-this-
will-be-so-funny-and-a-great-time' night of bowling. And of course, get REALLY into it. So much into it, that you are determined to create the best cheesy T-shirts EVER. And then show up to the bowling alley with jackets over your prize-worthy shirts so that you can make a huge reveal and everyone will be so jealous at your amazing creativity, and skills with a glue-gun. But then find out that no-one does the 'cheesy' route, but more the 'matching' route. So now you and your husband look like you just escaped from a pink/red/white/Valentine's Day looney bin.

3) Now this is the most important tip of all. When you bowl, fall down. And I'm not talking about a little slip, or a short trip by the seating area, but a full blown on HANDS AND KNEES fall. It's best if you fall right by where your lane begins. That way, when both your hands slam onto the ground, you can be sure to place them on the waxy part. And I guarentee, that if your hands touch that magical wax, you will NOT be able to push off to get your self up. You'll probably slide forward a little more, you'll freak out in your mind that your whole body is going to end up sprawled out in wax (which would also result in ruining your shirt), and your husband will run up to you thinking that you really hurt yourself because you didn't get up right away, but actually you just CAN'T get up quickly, you have to go really slow to stop the natural forward motion that your body wants to move. (Oh yeah, chances are, your sister might end up sitting down because she might wet her pants from laughing so hard)

So to sum it all up, if you combine the bad hair day, with being the only one's wearing cheesy shirts, with falling on your face in front of ALOT of people at a bowling alley, I promise you, and can 100% guarentee, that you'll lose your pride.

Take it from me, I should know.

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