Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's over, and I'm TIRED!

Okay. It's late, I feel like my body is literally shutting down, so I'll probably be brief on this posting. Or maybe not, I never really know what I'm going to say until my fingers magically type it out. Anyway, this is my booth. I was right inbetween 'Baby Sign Language' and some Scrapbooking thing. (the Scrapbooking ladies tried to nudge their table into my 10x10' space, so I put up the table on the right so they couldn't be in my booth. Greedy women.) And if I have have to hear the 'Potty Train' song one more time I'll freak out.

This is the vertical display I had my large bows on. On the table was my 'bargain basket' where bows and clips were only $3 (or $2 on Sunday) but you had to sift through it all to see what there was.

My friend Melissa made this display. I LOVE IT!
I didn't want to put the hooks in it so nothing could mess it up.

It could be a bit hard to tell, but the 2 neck busts are holding 'stretchy' headbands for those who don't have a ton a hair yet. The box held headbands I 'wove' ribbon around. And there's actually a picture of Claire on that big paperclip. But she kind of looks like a cat from a distance.

The 2nd board Melissa made. These were mix & match clippies.

Okay, so this is one of my FAVORITE things. I now do custom tutu's - but what I love, is the dress form. Thanks Pottery Barn Teen! (no - they did not donate, but they took my money and gave me that in return!) Weird story: I had a couple of adults ask if I could make tutu's for adults - to which of course I responded 'yes'. Then a lady asked if I could make one for a man. I still don't know if she was kidding or not.

I like these little spinning displays. I thought everything looked pretty cute.
(Can you see how close the Scrapbook ladies' wire spinning display is to my table?!?!)

So, now that this Baby Expo is all over, I can honestly say that I'm SOOOOOOO glad!!! No, I didn't make millions, nor did I even make thousands... but it was a great experience and I actually did a lot of networking. I have many new opportunities that I'm really excited about, and it's pretty amazing how this once little 'hobby' has now turned into a pretty cool little business. It was encouraging to get positive feedback from the 'public' since you feel like they're pretty unbiased. Although, quite a few moms from my 'moms group' came by to see me. But I wasn't counting them in that group.

Just so you know how hard I actually worked - here is an estimate on what I actually made:

500 - solid colored large bows
450 - solid colored small bows
250 - polka dot small bows
250 - small flower clips
50 - large flower clips
300 dragonflies
25 - woven headbands
30 - stretch lace headbands
5 - tutu's
too many to count - clippies

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Colleen said...

I'm really impressed Rachel. It looks so cute and organized the way you set it up. Once Dax's hair gets just a little bit longer... hmmmm....

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