Thursday, May 22, 2008


Today Claire is forever a LESIW!!! For those who didn't know (I didn't tell very many people) today was the court date to finalize Claire's adoption. I wouldn't say that I 'stressed' over this during the wait, but I have to admit, it is SUCH a great feeling knowing that it's all over. Nothing can change this, Claire is FOREVER my daughter. She's 'felt' like my daughter since day 1, but now it's just legal and binding. Gotta love it.

Funny thing - our adoption hearing was the FIRST for our judge - EVER! I think he was more nervous than we were.

The bailiff took all these nice pictures for us. But to you, they would have been really boring. Just photos of us sitting at the table signing the forms - can you see Claire checking out the paper? She was REALLY good during the whole process.

And here we are, outside of the courthouse. (It was really windy - so cut us some slack) The entire 'hearing' took 7 minutes - and that was including our photo-op with the judge.

It's hard to believe that a little over 13 months ago our precious Claire came into our lives. We are so incredibly thankful to God for giving us our daughter. She has given us so much joy, and we can't wait to see what her future holds.


Nancy said...


It is odd how a 7 minute meeting with a judge, confirms and finalizes something that has been brewing in your heart for what seems like eternity.

Have you decided when you might be sending that little application in to Holt? Let me know. I will love to follow your next adoption journey and pray for your family along the way.


Megan said...

CONGRATS!! What a great day. Claire looks so beautiful. I love the windy picture! That must have been such a rush for you guys. She's all yours now, what a great feeling!!
Love you guys, \

Andersons said...

Hi Rachel.
Congrats on your big event!! Claire is such a cutie. So happy for you that it is all official. Enjoy every moment - I'm sure you are.
:) Ilka

Vincent Family said...

Congrats!!! We are so happy for you all! What a wonderful plan God had for your family!

Love, The Vincents

Queen of Kim Chee Kingdom said...

Congratulations! I love the pictures, Claire is so adorable!!!


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