Wednesday, May 7, 2008

TAG! You're 'IT'

So a little while ago my friend Nancy 'tagged' me, and I've just been to lazy - I mean, busy - to fill the stuff out. I know I've been 'tagged' before by other bloggers but I didn't know what it meant. Now that I do, I'm playing by the rules. And for those of you who have played games with me, you know I never cheat. (I'm not kidding - I hate cheaters)

I'm not sure why I have to list things in quantities of 4, but I just quickly copied down the info from Nancy's blog - so here's to hoping I did this right!

4 Jobs I've Had
1. Landscaper: Sara got the joy of cleaning INSIDE the air-conditioned home of Mr. & Mrs. Tranter. Somehow I got to be the one digging up weeds in the front yard.
2. Waitress/Server: I've worked at The Buttercup Pantry, The Red Pony Cafe, Cafe Sarah's, The Green House Cafe, BJ's Brewery... and I'm thinking that's it.
3. Baskin-Robbins: You would think this was the best job on earth as you can eat ice cream all the time, but I found out that my favorite ice cream at the time had like 45 grams of fat per serving. And that was just before I quit. Bummer.
4. Sales: I sold shampoo. I LOVED it. And honestly, if the right position, with the right company became available, I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

4 Places I've Lived
1. Camino, Ca
2. Valencia, Ca
3. Ansonia, CT
4. Loomis, Ca

4 Shows I Watch on TV
1. American Idol (who doesn't - GO DAVID COOK!)
2. Dancing with the Stars (strangly addictive)
3. The Office (did you know that Angela is pregnant in real life, that's why they don't do full body shots of her??!?)
4. Step it Up and Dance (it's on Bravo- it's almost over - you've missed out on some GOOD tv)

4 Blogs I Read (if you see your name, then you've been TAGGED - I'll be checking your blogs to hold you accountable)
1. Sara Garate (she's been BEGGING me to list her name!)
2. Kimchee Kingdom (now you HAVE to update your blog Bren!)
3. Nicole Pickard (you KNOW you were hoping to see a 'shout out' from me)
4. Aunt Pat (I'm taking a risk here as I don't have your blog linked, but you're on Sara's... this is kind of an experiment to see if you read my blog!!!)

4 Favorite Foods
1. Tomatoes. Rule of thumb: if they don't come with it, order them - if they do, order more.
2. Rice. What can I say, I'm Asian.
3. Side dishes at Korean Restaurants. I'm not sure what the stuff is called, but there's some bean sprout stuff that I could eat BUCKETS of. Yes, LITERAL bucket sized portions. And then there's this 'pickled' type white radish (daikon?) stuff that is really good too!
4. Spagetti (with salt. Can you say 'get your bloat on'?!?!)

4 Places I'd Rather Be Right Now
1. In bed sleeping not having to wake up at any partical time in the morning so I could sleep all day if I wanted. I used to do that, and I LOVED it.
2. Standing in the middle of a store that is jammed packed with Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Tiffany jewelry (let's just upgrade that to diamonds - skip the silver - it's MY fantasy, right?!) and I just happen to have a credit card in my hand that has no 'limit' with my name on it.
3. Sitting on the couch cuddling with Claire. She doesn't do it often, but she's getting better! Usually if she's still half-way asleep when she gets up, I can get a good 5 minutes out of her.
4. At a Red Sox game in Fenway Park with Bob (but if we could do this during the day or early evening rather than just before midnight, that would be great.)

4 Things to Look Forward to This Year
1. Meeting Ryan Hunter Heym. He could be born by now... or still in process. Hang in there Krissie!
2. Girl's Trip to Vegas - in August
3. Working my booth at High Hill Ranch in the fall.
4. Hopefully some little vacation we'll take as a family this summer.

Whew! All done. I'm headed to bed.

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Sara said...

Oh man,

You made me laugh out loud with your descriptions! But, I have to admit, before I even read a word, I was saying, "She did it again"-your song choice is uncannily amazing. (Can I say that? Wait, of course I can, it's MY comment! :)

And yes, I will verify that you don't care for it when people cheat...

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