Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm a believer!!!

As some of you may or may not know, Claire and I were pretty sick a few weeks ago. We both went to the doctor, and luckily for me, I could take antibotics. They worked great, I felt better within days, and I'm thrilled to say that Claire made a full recovery... and then I got sick again.

I don't know if there's anything more frustrating than getting sick, getting better, and then immediately getting sick again. Oh I know, not being able to TASTE anything ranks pretty high too. I REALLY hate that. So poor me, couldn't breathe, yet again, and so I loaded up on tylenol, advil, sudafed, zyrtec and afrin. My best friend afrin even disappointed me. Almost at the point of breaking, I called Bob to see if there was ANYTHING else I could possible take (which there wasn't) and so I said - 'hey, can you find me a netipot? I'm going to have to go back to the doctor if I feel this way tomorrow, and I'm willing to try anything!'

For those of you who don't know what a netipot is, it's this little plastic miniature 'watering can' that you fill with warm water and add this salt solution. Then you lean over the sink, turn your head slightly to the side, and poor the mixture up one nostril, until it comes out the other side.

I know. SO weird.

And no. You don't feel like you're drowning.

I first saw this little contraption on Oprah. (go ahead and laugh) Dr. Oz was saying that this is supposed to clean out your sinus' really well - even better than medications. It gets rid of infections and allergents.

Anyway, I tried it, and low and behold it WORKED!!! Now, I didn't make a complete recovery over night, but I was able to breathe and I only took Sudafed as a 'suppliment'. I was doing it twice a day with the sudafed and honestly - I was shocked at how much better I felt! In fact, I haven't even had to do it for a couple of days now!

So I HIGHLY recommend getting one of these bad boys and just stick it on a shelf somewhere until the need arises, or maybe use it as preventative care. Bob got ours at Raley's.. so I'm assuming any grocery store would carry it.

*** Also, when buying sudafed, don't by the stuff that's out on the shelf - the GOOD STUFF is behind the pharmacy counter (you don't need a prescription, but they regulate that stuff now because I think you can make speed or coke - not the carbonated beverage - from it.) You're wasting your money if you buy the 'weak' rendition. To me, it's nothing more than a placebo.


Nancy said...

I love my Netipot! I was introduced to it by a friend last year, when I was suffering from bad ragweed allergies. Now I use it whenever my sinuses are wiggin'.

So yes... I'm a believer as well! ;0)

Becky said...


Add me to your list of "cool people" before I take offense.

I have a slight sinus headache and remembered your note. I thought snorting water in a steamy shower might have the same effect. I just tried it. I think I need the Netipot.

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