Friday, July 18, 2008

Sweet Boots!

Back in February when I did that Baby Expo, I picked up some shoes for Claire. They are these super ANNOYING shoes that squeak when you walk. Even though I knew it would be the death of me, I still bought them, because the image of Claire walking around with them on her feet made me laugh really hard.

And to my delight, I was right.

The other 2 pairs of shoes I bought are too small now (hmm. bummer.) but the boots totally fit - if not a bit roomy. They are completely ugly (unless you bought them for your child - then they are SO adorable) but in the privacy of our own home, they're not too bad.

Claire completely freaked (in a good way) when she first started walking in them. She couldn't figure out where the squeaking was coming from. But after about 10 seconds, she was running around, and I was laughing really hard. Fortunately - she doesn't seem all that interested in them - it was fun, but now she's over it.

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Sandhya said...

So my little girl has that same adorable shirt...I LOVE it! I'm not so sure about the squeaky shoes but they are pretty cute too. What's up with the squeakiness?

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