Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm in love again...

...this time it's with Space Bags.

I'm sure all of you have seen those famously annoying commercials where the woman is walking in a pure white room (where the acoustics sound off since there is a slight echo) and she's talking about all the things you can 'space bag'. I, too, foolishly thought those were lame products that someone just got suckered into purchasing. But I am proud to admit my folly and now I must share the glorious attributes of this truly remarkable bag!

First, it's easy. Fill the bag with whatever things you need to store, and zip it closed. After pulling off the black cap, you see this clear rubber thing that sticks to the inside of the valve. (at least I think this is the technical jargon) Don't make my mistake, and think it doesn't belong there and pull it out. Because once you do, you've basically ruined the bag. (good thing they come in 'value packs' at Bed Bath & Beyond) Then you just put those hose part of your vacuum onto the valve, and wal-lah! It sucks all the air out into this really condensed version.

So far I've Space Bagged a bunch of blankets and all of Claire's receiving blankets and bibs. And then of course, is my favorite... All of Claire's clothes from Newborn - 6 months!!! Yes, it ALL fit, which I can't believe! I was trying to get everything put away and honestly, I need 3 BIG plastic bins to try and fit it all, and I still had some extra 'floaties'. I used the large cube size, and not only did I get all the clothes in, but I added more burp cloths, bibs, and bag full of socks. I'm totally stoked. I don't think this picture gives an adequate view of how much stuff was in front of the crib, but just know, it was ALOT!

I can't wait to start on the blankets in the spare room...

All clothes ranging from Newborn - to 6 months
The stuff on the left wouldn't even fit into a large bin.

The final result! Nice and neat with plenty
of room to spare!


andy and meg said...

Wow! I'm sold! That is SO cool. I can't believe how much you could fit into one bag.

I love reading your posts!

Elizabeth and Dan said...

I have used the travel space bags when I go on vacation. They ARE awesome! I'm glad to hear the good results with the cube which I will have to try sometime. I love it when you find a really cool product that actually does what it is supposed to do!

lmngirls said...

Hey Rachel, remember me, we bunked together in Venice at a homeless shelter once, no really we did.
Anyway, Sandhya told me you made amazing hair clips so I just tracked down your blog, and I must have some. Do you sell them online? What's the sitch? Please let me know, and BTW your daughter is a doll!

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