Monday, September 1, 2008

Wow. Was that SUPER FUN or what?!?!

Tonight (or rather, late afternoon) I went to see 'Mama Mia' at the movies with Colleen and Sara. I've been talking about this movie with Sara for some time (okay, so maybe a couple of weeks, give or take) and I've really wanted her to see it. She's not an 'Abba' fan, but I told her she didn't have to be to like the movie. It's just a fun movie that puts you in a really good mood when you walk out the door.

So after a few different 'tries', I finally get her to go - to which I'm also nervous that now I've hyped the movie up too much so then she'll be disappointed (which has happened before ). It was weird because we had looked up movie times and kept getting different times, so it was a bit confusing. But we ended up making it to a show only 10 minutes late - and about 5 minutes into the movie.

And to our surprise upon arrival, we discover that when a movie has an 'SI' after it, it means it's the SING ALONG VERSION!!!

NO JOKE! So Sara ended up really enjoying it (I won't be surprised if she posts something on her blog) but I think it had mostly to do with the group of senior citizens that were sitting next her who were singing along THE ENTIRE TIME (and yes, there were MEN in that group!)

Honestly - when you 'got over' the whole 'I feel stupid' bit, it was SO FUN to be able to actually belt out the songs you knew. So the plan is that we MUST go again (after downloading the soundtrack and learning every word as quickly as possible) and we have to have a HUGE group of girls (sorry boys - you gotta sit this one out!).

We've already been making a list of who we think would want to join in - so are there any other volunteers out there ready to have a good time?!


Sandhya said...

So fun! I went to that movie with about 20 girlfriends and it was a blast! Didn't realize that we shouldn't be singing along since our show didn't have the "SI" next to it...we sang anyways...even a little dancing in the aisles from a couple of friends. How goofy did Pierce look when he was singing?

Alexis said...

ok...if i lived closer, i would TOTALLY want to come along! in fact, I am JEALOUS and if you go on a weekend, I might just have to take a road trip!!!

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