Monday, November 17, 2008

This is why my parents are cool...

So for 5 weekends now, my mom and dad have graciously watched Claire while Bob and I go sell our wares in our Booth in Apple Hill. This past weekend, was our last weekend for the season, and while I'm so glad to have a break and get my life back to 'normal', I'm definitely going to miss it (and my mom's cooking).

This past weekend, was also Sara's birthday weekend, so my parents decided to watch Gwen, Kennedy and Ty as well. So it was full house. There were many fun activities going on, and like always, Claire did not care in the SLIGHTEST if we were gone, or there, because she was so busy with the kids and 'Dean' and 'B'. (Grampa Dean has been shortened to just 'Dean', and Grandma Buzz is now 'B' - I told mom it sounds like she has a new hip-hop name).

One of the funniest/coolest things that Mom and Dad did with the kids, is Mom made 'Gingerbread Men' out of cake (they were these cute mini sized) and Gwen decorated them. They turned out REALLY good, and Kennedy decorated Christmas Trees - also good (but not related to this story). Later that night, my Dad took all the kids and read the story of 'The Little Gingerbread Man' - I'm thinking this is one of the stories that they ALWAYS read with my parents - the kids dig this story. Well, afterwards, Mom takes all four kids, and walks them out the front door, down the steps, and starts to lead them down the dark driveway. Ty gets a bit freaked out, but they're not walking for long...

Meanwhile, Dad takes a tray of the 'Gingerbread Men' and goes out the back door. He then hides behind the cars and waits for Mom and the kids to get ALMOST half way down the driveway. Then he starts yelling out how he's run away from a little old lady and a little old man, a fox, (and all the rest of the things G-man has run away from) and he can run away from them too, (he can, he can). Then Dad takes off running towards the garage. He is then quickly followed by Gwen running full speed ahead - Kennedy and Ty - pretty much neck and neck - and followed up with 'B' running and carrying Claire (who has a HUGE smile on her face). Once they get to the garage, each kid gets to take their 'Gingerbread Man' and eat him how ever they want. I think Kennedy ate the head off first.. but I can't quite remember.

Anyway, it's stuff like this that makes me REALLY appreciate my Mom and Dad, and how they're willing to do some of the silliest stuff for the sake of their grandkids. But honestly, it wasn't that silly, it was actually super cool, and I think all the grandkids will agree that these two Grandparents are really quite awesome.

Thanks Mom & Dad - I love you!

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andy and meg said...

I read this twice. Once to myself, once to Andy. Both of us were laughing so hard, picturing your dad yelling in the dark and hiding, while all the kids ran to find him. "Yeah, mom and dad are really good!" were Andy's words. I love that story:)

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