Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Good Things a Comin'

Okay, so there's no photos for this, but I'm so stinking excited I just had to post. Today I just had one of those REALLY good days in regards to my little business I'm trying grow.

I went to Joann's today to see if I could find any more of this one fabric that I'm running out of (and of course they don't have it) and as I went to get a cart to put Claire in, a woman was walking towards me with her cart (she was about to put it away). So I offered to take hers, and then she stopped me and said how much she loved my hair bow (I was wearing one of my favorite Blooms) and well, to make a long story short, it turns out she's a business owner - she started her hair accessory company about 10 years ago. She has a manufacturer, sales reps - the whole sha-bang. She was super nice, super friendly, and she actually took a couple of samples (that I miraculously had in the car) with her because she was on her way to 2 local boutiques that she had accounts with. She was adamit that my Blooms should be in boutiques and that I needed to pursue it right away, etc etc. I was SO encouraged by her words, and her kindess in wanting to help me. So after the 'Holidays' we're going to get together for coffee and discuss 'business' and she's going to allow me to pick her brain on how she's done everything, processes, etc. HOW COOL IS THAT?!??!

And now for my next cool thing...

So I got into this HUGE show this coming spring - crazy how it happened, supposedly an 'invite only' type thing but I got in. Well, they're going to have Celebrity Gift Baskets and guess who get's to be in it! YES, little ol' me! Or should I say, Little Lesiw. Of course I had to pay to be put in, but the competition to be represented is pretty fierce. Again, I was super encouraged by the company that heads up the baskets because they really liked my Blooms as well. One of the owners was telling me that I needed to take my Blooms to BIG retailers, and that I just need to do it, even though it seems hard. So it's been a real boost to see that my Blooms are starting to gather some interest, and people in the 'industry' think that I have potential.

Oh, and Jennifer Gardner will be getting some Blooms in January - SUPER FUN!


andy and meg said...

Holy smokes!!! Did you say Jennifer Gardner? You are big time, baby! Wait to go! Finally...I'm related to someone famous! ...(that's you:))

Jason & Heather said...

That is fantastic Rachel!!! The celebs usually send thank you notes too... so copy it and slap that on your website!

ChrisandMissy said...

I found your site through my SIL Sarah Moulton's blog. She just sent my girls some of your blooms and bows and I LOVE them! I hope you do take your product to big stores because they are so well made and just beautiful- they would do well, I'm sure. Anyway, I just wanted to say, 'great job!' =)

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