Saturday, May 16, 2009

So tonight I was watching 'Cold Case' - I totally love that show. But there was a scene that I didn't want Claire to see (I think it had to do something with blood) so I told Bob to cover her eyes. Well, Claire heard me, and proceeded to 'close' her own eyes. I've never seen her do this before and ... honestly ... I thought it was totally hilarious. So after having her do it a few times, I figured that I might as well 'document' it. I'm not sure WHAT is going through her brain - maybe she's just trying REALLY hard, but nonetheless, it makes me laugh - therefore, I LOVE it. Here's a photo 'journey' of what we saw. I hope you enjoy.

What a silly girl ... and BOY do I LOVE HER!!!

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andy and meg said...

The fifth one down is my favorite! Those pics are HILARIOUS. I think that's the face I make when I'm swinging a softball bat.

I bet she loves making you laugh. You have a great laugh. The Lesiws are a fun fam!

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