Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ahhh... we're back...

... and you probably didn't even know that we were gone.

Yes, the Lesiw family decided to do a vacation this week. But the problem is that we weren't sure how Claire would do on 'long drives', so we decided to break it up. We left Sunday for Mendocino, and we got back this afternoon. Now on Thursday we'll leave for Monterrey... I know, we're such jet setters.

Anyway, the weather was SO fun: low 50's - high 60's most of the time. So we managed to miss the heat wave back home. (or at least most of it) So here are some photos of what we did while we were there.
Claire walking along the beach... and unfortunately Keen's and rocky beaches don't go well together.

Bob taught Claire to throw rocks in the water - this was one of the only times she actually looked at me when I was taking pictures.

Sea Glass Beach
Rumor has it that there was a tragic love story involving the Glass Factory owner's youngest daughter and one of the workers back around the turn of the 19th century. And then in 1902 disaster struck when a fire destroyed the entire factory. Now all that remains are small, smooth, colorful 'stones' that represent the daughter's undying love that will weather any storm.

Okay, so I just made that story up. Glass Beach is actually the site of a dump back in the 40's. But it's super fun to look for pretty sea glass. I wish I would have brought a bag to put them in.

Claire bringing her 'treasures' to us.

Sea Glass
(my favorite are the green ones... and the really pale blue ones)

Claire enjoying the view... but was pretty much ready to leave.


Wisners said...

sounds like a great trip! I haven't seen you in forever!!
Let's get together once you settle back in at home.

Nancy said...

looks like you had fun! Claire is getting so big and her hair has gotten longer too! She's such a cutie!

Elizabeth said...

How fun!

andy and meg said...

Wow. I totally believed that story. I was like, "man, that's love". Nice one.

I love Claire's long hair! She looks so spunky and fun!

Anonymous said...

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