Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Now doesn't this look good!

Did you notice that we got a little 'make-over' here on the blog? Courtesy of this fabulous shop and $25. I LOVE her designs and I keep trying to come up with reasons as to why I need to buy from her. Plus, she was SUPER nice to talk to. (But enough of that - visit my other blog to see my full 'review' on her)

A month has flown by so fast. Okay, so maybe it's not quite a month, but it almost is. I have NO idea where the time goes, or how it goes, what day it is. Kind of crazy.

But here are few photos from the past few days that I'd thought I'd share (I know, not a very smooth transition)These are the most adorable and creative cupcakes I've seen in quite some time. My friend Megan made them for her son's birthday party. SO CUTE!

Claire loved eating her Monkey Cupcake
(and so did Momma - it tasted delightful. White cake + chocolate frosting = my favorite!)

This is Claire and the Birthday Boy. I love how happy he is to be holding the kite string.

I'm supposed to be 'practicing' for a photography class that I signed up for. Of course I totally forgot and the class is tonight... in like 45 minutes... so I took Claire to the park so I could take some 'shots'. First - I can't remember everything I'm supposed to remember. And second - Claire won't look at me on command. Good thing tonight is only the 2nd class.

Ha HA! I got her to look at me.
She was climbing up a ladder and I was at the top of the structure. But she started to catch on and when she'd start to climb and see me, she'd get down and go to a different ladder. I may have to start recruiting 'models' for my practice sessions.


andy and meg said...

I'm imagining you climbing a play structure real quick and trying to catch Claire at the top and it is HILARIOUS! She is so pretty (even when she doesn't look).

And I'm totally going to make those cupcakes for my students. What a great idea-thanks for posting it.

Jason & Heather said...

The blog looks really great!

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