Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Band-Aids DO make everything better!

 So Claire was running around the island in the kitchen which she does a lot. But this time she fell. I was actually in the other room watching TV (Bob was in the kitchen, so it wasn't like I was just letting her be totally unsupervised) when I heard the fall... followed shortly by the cry. I went in there and listened while Bob recounted the event, and Claire continued to cry. She had a little bruise on her chin and after inspection I found there wasn't any blood (THANK GOODNESS! Otherwise I probably would have fainted) so with the hope of making the crying stop, I offered her a band-aid. Which she quickly said yes to, and requested a 'dog'.

Funny how those things work like magic!


carterclan said...

Band-Aids fix everything around here too!
Beleive this or not, Kennedy fell off a chair today at my work and skinned her chin :( Boo hoo, she is sporting a Finding Nemo band-aid on her chin today too!

Kim said...

That top picture is priceless!! She is such a cute!

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