Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow in the City

Okay, so maybe 'city' is a bit of an exaggeration... as we're more like the 'suburbs', but getting snow of any kind of a rarity out here.

Good thing I had snow clothes ready to go this year. (Last year I waited too long and everything was gone and I couldn't find anything to fit her) So even though it was over-kill, I still put every bit of 'snow clothing' on her (including her snow boots).

Claire had a fabulous time as we basically stood outside our house.

I think it's mostly gone now... and it's only noon... but I have to admit - that's my kind of snow! No shoveling, no power outages... it's just enough to make you like it. Perfect.


Amber said...

she is like a little model... those pictures are precious. How's the adoption going?

Sandhya said...

I not only love that it snowed at your home but I LOVE Claire's adorable snow getup! How cute is she???? Love it! You better keep taking her to the snow to get some more cute pics of her!

Mama Kat said...

umm, seriouslly I could eat her in that jacket. Seriouslly so stinkin cute I wanted to take a nibble of her. I need (want) that jacket for me. I would move to snow just to have that jacket.

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