Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ice cream

when I was young I always wanted to live in an area
where an ice cream truck would drive by. 

unfortunately, where I lived, ice cream trucks needed
4-wheel drive.
(not too practical)

and now I live in the suburbs.

but I've never seen an ice cream truck...

until recently.

I was pretty surprised when I heard the mechanical
melody of the 'Entertainer' playing one late afternoon. 

I asked Bob if that was an Ice Cream Truck and he said it was.
Apparently a truck has started to come through our neighborhood...

but at lightening speeds.

no joke, this guy tears down the street
(did I mention that I also live near a stop sign?)

Claire has been wanting to get something from the ice cream guy
so we have tried on numerous occasions to catch him. As soon as we
hear the music, we've ran outside, only to see him turning the corner.

But one day I happened to be near the front door when the music
first started. So I yelled, 'Ice Cream Truck!' and ran out...

to see a kinda shady looking truck passing by.
So I closed the door and when Claire came running
 I told her that he had left 
(which he did, so I wasn't lying).

From that point on I decided to tell Claire that 
we don't have any money for ice cream 
(which again is kinda true as I 
stopped carrying cash in my wallet).

Well, Bob was home the other day and was actually out front 
when the truck came. So he bought Claire a treat.

She was sooo excited as she showed me 
what she got - and informed me that the eyes were
made from 'chewing gum'.

So this was her first
(and mostly her last)
experience with 'our' ice cream truck.

I guess the dream wasn't all it was cracked up to be.
I think I prefer just going to Raley's. 


JimandJackie said...

They are so sketchy....I guess the ice cream truck is a good idea in theory...

Kimberly and Ed said...

I remember loving the ice cream truck when I was little - I don't remember if the driver was sketchy because all of my focus was on the ice cream:-)

Kimberly and Ed said...

Oh - I forgot to say how cute and adorable Claire looks eating her first ice cream from an ice cream truck!

Jenny said...

oooh, i loved the ice cream truck when i was little. it's too bad that our children won't have quite the same memories of them.
btw, saw you on babysteals this morning. what a nice surprise! :)

Lacey B. said...

We have the same Ice cream Truck come down our street. He never slows down! We need to recruit a new Ice Cream Truck. I know just the trick! ;-)

Kmoana said...

girl you crack me up! :) i needed a good laugh tonight! and Claire, she is just wayyyy too adorable eating her ice cream with chewing gum eyes!!! xoxo

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