Thursday, August 26, 2010

a nice little pick-me-up

today I got Charlie's August WBC

it was a pleasant surprise as it arrived late in the afternoon

things are looking pretty good

he's definitely progressing, and it made me smile when 
I saw that he is now sitting by himself,
pulling himself up on furniture,
walking while holding onto furniture,
and he's even just starting to stand 'alone'. 

this is a pretty big deal to me as the month before
we was just starting to sit - with poor balance.

he's still a month behind developmentally, which I actually think is fantastic.
when we first looked at his file he was 2-3 months behind. 
so I'm super proud of him.

and the icing on the cake was that there was a photo. 
(I've blurred out our Foster Mom's face for privacy)

this picture cracks me up for 2 reasons:

Charlie totally has 'old man hair'
I think they dumped the care package on the table
and then took the photo. 

but regardless, I'm so happy to see that he's doing well.
he's still a small peanut at 16.5lbs
but he'll fit right in with his Noona. 

So keep up the good work Charlie - Omma is coming soon!


Karen said...

Yay for photos and wbcs! He is adorable and I am so happy to read about his awesome progress. Go, Charlie!

Kelly said...

He makes me happy. :o) Such a little cutie and way to go on the developmental progress, that is awesome! We know all about peanut babies around here, too, and they're the best!!!

Nancy said...

He's adorable! Yeah, for progress! Way to go, Charlie!

Kimberly and Ed said...

Wow! Charlie is doing great! He is a cutie:-)

andy and meg said...

AHHHHH! Charlie is SO CUTE it hurts!! I love that his is sitting next to his 'jelly bellies' from mom!

I am sooo excited to meet him! THanks for posting this-it really made my day!

Kim said...

He's so cute!! And yay for good news developmentally!

Jenny said...

so glad he's doing well. he's adorable!

Josh said...

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JimandJackie said...

Man Charlie, are you a handsome guy! and your Mom know how to put together one great care package! So awesome to here the progress.

Bree said...

Can't wait to meet him!!! He is super cute.

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