Monday, March 28, 2011

Where did March go?

I guess the month passes quickly when you're insanely busy.

I just finished a big order that was taking up a lot of my time
and even though it's 1am and I'm pretty sure I lost all feeling on the tip of my thumb
and right index finger, I'm super stoked to be done.

I'm sure I'll be catching up on missed blog opportunities
(like Charlie turning 18 months)
but I thought I'd post a few photos from today's photo shoot.

and I just have to mention that it is INCREDIBLY difficult
to take photos of my kids. 

Today was the first day of sun in quite some time, and I was banking
on the fact that wasn't lying about it as I had 
to get some product shots done for this order. 

I took over 500 pictures and scored a mere handful
(as in a toddler sized handful. waste of time, I tell you!)

but here are a few that made me smile - for various reasons.

My sweet boy. He's looking so old.
(and his pants are looking so short)

This is how the shoot mostly went.

pretty soon she'll realize that he's stronger than she is.

 but right now she still thinks it's funny.

 bad product shot. but I still love this for some reason.

I was having the kids walk towards me and then I'd yell, 'STOP'
which I quickly learned would result in very un-natural poses.

they're just running around - but I LOVE how this caputred
them having fun TOGETHER.

what cracks me up about this photo, is that Charlie is cracking up over
something random ... and in a different direction ...

what you see:
a cute photo of the kiddos

what I see:
Stop sign coming out of Charlie's head w/ the street sign attached
random bruises on Claire's legs
Bloom is positioned on the 'wrong' side of her head
or Claire needs to be standing on the other side of Charlie
 and looking in the opposite direction
Charlie's pants are still too short

but regardless, I like looking at these photos. 
and maybe I'll get a few more, as the Sun should be shining for the next week!


Merkin said...

You're a pretty good photographer.

The Westerfield Family said...

These are all great. I'm so jealous of your photography skills! ~Sarah

Leah said...

Always love to see your pictures of your adorabel kiddos!! I like random shots though, catches rawness! :O And the last one, I really didn't see the stop sign till I read what you saw! Mom, such a critic! ;)

April said...

I love seeing pictures of your super cute kiddos! Charlie is getting so big and changing a ton!

Kimberly and Ed said...

I LOVE all of these photos!!! Charlie and Claire are soooo cute together!!!

Jenny said...

I've missed your blog posts and hope to see more soon.
The pictures came out great - the kids look like they're having a grand old time! :)

Lindsay said...

Adorable photos and adorable kids! I love the outfits too! I think I need 3 of those green and white ties. Maybe some of those bows too... Super cute!

Sandhya said...

Both of your kids are georgeous! I love the way you dress them....too cute! I have to say, the only thing i have bought for my baby #4 are some "See Kai Run's" for his cute little feet. I must say it was inspired by Charlie since I had only ever looked at their girls tell him thanks!

Lucille05 said...

Omg, Rachel, how cute are they!?? I cannot believe how big Charlie looks. He was such a little peanut, and now he looks like a big, strong little guy! They are both just gorgeous.

The Parsons' blog said...

SOOOOO adorable. and get to work girl and photoshop that stop sign out!! clone stamp and patch tool... my best friends.

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