Saturday, April 2, 2011

tae kwon do

so we enrolled Claire in tae kwon do

her 'Tiny Tiger' class meets twice a week
and ohhhhhh are they so cute!

she's learning so many new skills

and having fun while she does

but Charles ... he got bored watching ...
(he'd rather be out there, but he's still too young)
so we went for a short walk

 but back inside, something super cool happened

Claire won the 'gold medal' which is given to only 1-2 kids
each class. You win the metal for following directions
and doing a good job. Considering this was her second class
we were VERY proud of her!
(after the medal/s are awarded, all the kids give 'high-fives')

 Claire was pretty excited

this is Lily. Her Mom told me that she has really wanted
to win the gold medal. So it was so fun 
that the girls got it together!

Claire has been wearing the medal at home

but we'll be bringing it back to the next class so
it can be awarded again. 



Elizabeth (and Dan) said...

Yea Claire! Way to follow directions! Auntie E is proud too!

Lacey B. said...

How fun!

Leah said...

That is a major PPM (Proud Parent Moment!) Congrats mom and dad on raising such a cutie! Okay, well... two cuties! Love his clothes as usual! ;)

EliN said...


SuNGurNI :P said...

I love ur Pictures....:)

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