Monday, April 4, 2011

fun in the sun

after all the rain we had, I think it's safe to say that everyone
was looking forward to some days of sun. 

I think the best part is that now we're able to go out and play
after dinner and before bedtime.

so as the sun begins to get ready to sleep,
we hit the road for one last journey.

 and practice all sorts of super fun tricks

and hand out a few more smiles

with glowing crowns sitting on our heads

this little guy never wants to stop

and this sweet girl likes to pick me bouquets

so thank goodness there's always tomorrow. 
(well ... as long as there's no rain)

and on a totally random note ...

I took this picture of Charlie while he was eating bread.
He loves bread. And he was in a silly mood.
Which resulted in a photo that makes me laugh super hard.

So enjoy a bit of Chuck:


Elizabeth (and Dan) said...

I was waiting for the Sesame Street theme song to pop on while I was reading this post. =) I miss those little Lesiw kids! Time for a visit up North this summer!

Jill said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jill said...

I swear I need to stop posting at 6AM, too many typos! ; ) I had to delete my original post!

Anyway, SOOO darn cute! Looks like they had a blast! I love Charlie's "bread face"! ADORABLE!

Leah said...

Super cute R! :) Always love your pics of the kiddos! I can't wait till summer. It's the first summer I've had off since I was 14! :) Enjoy mama! :)

Lacey B. said...

Love the 'flowers' she picked for you! So cute!!

scatterbrainliz said...

love the face Charlie is making eating bread....very funny!

Majid Ali said...

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Barbara Alves said...

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HeeWho said...

Love your photography!

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