Friday, March 28, 2008

Well this Easter was a great one. I remember last Easter going to the service held at the fairgrounds and seeing all the 'moms' and their kids. Some were in strollers, and some were walking around, and I remember thinking 'Wow. That is going to be ME next Easter.' And yes, it really was. Claire sat in her stroller pretty well, but towards the end got a little sick of it. But a HUGE shout-out to Colleen who offered to hold her!! Thanks dude!

Our Easter Meal (I'm not sure if it was technically lunch or dinner, and it was too late to be brunch) was consumed up in good ol' Apple Hill at my parent's house. The food was incredible (seriously mom - where DID you get that ham!) and of course I totally over ate. But I blame that on the creator of cream cheese. I mean - who would have guessed that mixing that stuff with potatoes (and creating 'twice baked' potatoes) would result in chemically altering one's ability to control their intake of food. It's really weird. Maybe they should do a 'study' on it.

And now, for a few photos - be prepared - I added quite a few.

And here is Miss Claire in her totally beautiful but completely impractical 'Easter Dress'. Yes, it's silk, and has to be dry cleaned only. Which mean I fed her in her pajamas then quickly put on the dress before heading to church, and then snapped a few pictures at mom and dad's and then changed her clothes again before giving her lunch. Good thing I'm going to have her wear that dress during her '1 year photos' - so at least it gets SOME use out of it. I know. Stupid purchase. (oh yeah - disclaimer on the hair - she was messing with it so it looks REALLY bad - but I didn't have time to fix it before our 2 minute photo shoot)

Claire has learned to clap. Super cute.
So here she is, ready to look for eggs and 'cheering' about it.
I wonder if she ever realized there was one just behind her.

Hmm. Looks like some other kid found that egg.
But hey - its a great day out. So there's still tons to clap about.

Oops. I guess those eggs are still there. Now if she can just lean forward a bit...

Yeah. It's gets pretty boring. I totally understand. But I have a feeling that if you just would have moved around a bit - it COULD have been a bit more interesting...

So in the end, we just gave her a few eggs. She was totally cool with it. But what I don't have a picture of, is Ty - when about 2 minutes later he walked up and took all her eggs. I think he thought he 'found' them. (the other eggs he found were hidden at the same level of 'difficulty')


Tim, Nicole, Caitlin, Grace, and Carson Pickard said...

She is seriously too cute! However impractical her dress was it looked adorable on her. Carson was glad to have a buddy in the back. Nice to see we are one of your friends now :).

Sara said...


I'm waiting for your next post!!! We want more! We want more! We want more!

Talk to you tomorrow...

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