Saturday, April 5, 2008

Good Bye to the Mullet

As many of you know, Claire has had this very interesting mullet for the majority of her little life. I usually put her hair in 2 ponies so that it hides it, but since the rest of her hair is now growing in rather nicely, the ponies aren't looking too hot either. So for purely vain reasons (we're getting her 1 year photos done in just over a week) I made the executive decision to cut the mullet off. So here are a few photos, to document Claire's first haircut. And no, I did not do it myself as I knew I would probably mess it up - so Traci (who also does a fabulous job on my own hair -thank you very much) was so kind to do it for me. I, of course, in typical 'Asian' fashion was snapping photos left and right. At least I didn't have the neck strap on.

Seeing this photo actually makes me kind of like the mullet. I think it looks super cute here. Granted, you can't see the top - and that hat is OH so cute!!

Claire was just making sure Traci completely understood what look she was going for. I think in the end everyone was cool with it.

Claire did a super job during the entire 5 minute process. She didn't throw a fit of any kind, nor did she cry. I do think it's pretty cute how she was hanging onto the chair arm. Can you see that lock of hair on the counter? That's part of the mullet.

All done. My little baby is really looking like a little girl!!!

1 comment:

Nancy said...

She's a cutie!!! I love the bow you added in the last picture! ;0)

I think Amanda is sporting the mullet look as well. I'm waiting for it to grow out a little bit more before we get it cut.

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