Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Dearest Claire...

It is now just before 1am on the day of your birth. I'm getting ready to go to bed as I am up WAY to late - as normal.

I just checked in on you, and saw you laying in your crib. Some how you managed to turn upside down and you look SO incredibly sweet lying on your side. Your little legs make me smile - they always have, and I was so tempted to give them a little squeeze. I think your pajama shorts made them look extra cute.

I suddenly started thinking about what I was doing 1 year ago today, and I'm actually pretty surprised at how emotional I feel. Okay - so maybe that's not surprising as I can cry at anything remotely sappy.

At 1 am on April 13th of 2007, your daddy and I were actually asleep. Your 'Aunty Krissie' selflessly stayed at the hospital for what we considered to be the hardest 'shift' ever! Your dad and I still say that we owe Krissie the world for that. Your birthmom, 'D' was in 'transitional labor' (you'll learn about that stuff later on in life) and was having a hard time. She was very uncomfortable as she had already been in labor for 25 hours and you weren't going to make your appearance for another 12.

Emotionally, I was drained. Spent. So, SO tired. I couldn't wait to see you, but I was so nervous at the same time. See, there were two mommys that loved you so very much. One made sure that you had life, and that you were healthy. And she wanted you to have the best possible life that she could imagine. And by God's grace and goodness, she thought that me and daddy could give that to you. I hope so badly that I will. I can't imagine any baby being loved as much as you were.

I remember being so nervous that I would pass out when you were going to be born. I held your mom's hand and just looked at her face the entire time. And then I heard you cry. And you know what? I cried too! After you got your bath, daddy and I came up to the nursery to see you. You were being fed, and all the nurses said that you were so beautiful. And if I'm being completely honest - then I have to agree. Seriously - you were the prettiest baby EVER. And you were so tiny! I was so afraid to hold you - to change your diaper, to feed you. But 'D' showed me how. She showed me how to swaddle you, to change your clothes, everything! So again, you had 2 mommys to make sure that you were taken care of.

And now - here you are, a year later! A whole YEAR! I can't believe how fast it went by. You are becoming such a little person, and I love it so much! I love hearing you say 'mama', and I love when you give me smooches. I love your silly faces, and I love how you say 'oh, wow!' when something excites you. I love every thing about you. Everything - all of it. I love you SO incredibly much.

Happy birthday little munchkin!


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Katie said...

This made me tear up. Hope you guys had a fun party! Tried to catch you after church, but you got out of there too fast for me! Talk to you soon.

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