Monday, April 28, 2008

So HERE's what my problem is...

Bob ran across this blog and here is a post from it:

"Does anyone else ever feel that totally irrational nervousness when you have to open a can of those refrigerated cinnamon rolls or biscuits? As I’m peeling off the paper, I feel like my heart rate goes up about 100 beats/minute, even though I know that they never actually make a huge sound or explode violently. Why do I still feel so afraid?

Another example is when someone is going to pop a balloon. I know it’s not going to be that loud, but I still get nervous."

Okay, so anyone who knows me know that I 'suffer' from this. When Bob read it to me I said, 'oh my gosh! That sounds like I could have written that!!!'

And then he procedes to read me a 'response' to that post which says:

'You have a form of ligyrophobia — the fear of loud noises.'

The writer also goes on to say that he feels like he 'suffers' from that as well as it 'affects' him during fireworks, near large ships, etc.

So I'm thinking that my fear of being around people when they blow up balloons isn't really a fear of balloons themselves, but more of the possible 'popping' - which is really what the root problem is. (I remember as a kid being at a birthday party where they played this horrid little game where they tie a balloon to each ankle and then you mindlessly run around in sheer terror while menacing children try to pop your balloons by stamping their feet on them. Yes. I still feel the 'effects' to this day. )

Anyway, it's nice to know that I actually have a 'condition' and I'm not just some sissy-la-la. I'm thinking that the best therapy is probably eating lots of chocolate while getting massages on a weekly basis. Rest assured, I'll take my therapy VERY seriously and I'll start right away.


Nancy said...


I like your idea of 'therapy' :0)

I don't like the sound of ballons popping either. The game I always hated was when there would be tons of balloons on the ground and the kids had to sit on, and pop as many balloons as possible to find the hidden prize within the balloons.

Now I'm not scared to open the tubes of biscuits though.

Possibly this might mean I need less 'therapy' then you. I guess I will not be getting any chocolate at my therapy session then. :0)


Sara said...

I never think you're a sissy-lala. :) However, I kinda get a little scared when I hear your song...

Jason & Heather said...

I won't open the tubes b/c it freaks me out, so the kids do that for me... and ballons I cut the tied part so they won't explode (I never thought I had a "condition" though...hmmmmmm

Kim said...

Ooo, I hate opening the cans from Pillsbury. Sometimes I use a spoon and press against the seam to let air out slowly. I also hate the balloon popping game. Fireworks don't bother me but gunshots do. When I was a kid we went to Six Gun City and they faked shooting people - scared the crap out of me!

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