Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh man... wrong AGAIN!

Okay... I think I finally got it right this time.

Just found out that our Homestudy should be notarized ANY day now.... like... it may have already happened, or it'll be tomorrow (that's how 'any' I'm taking about!).  And once that happens, it'll be sent to Oregon, and then we're 'officially' waiting. (we'll also receive 3 copies of the homestudy but I don't think anyone really cares about that... am I right?)

I also found out that currently, there are about 25 'homestudy ready' families in the Waiting Child Program. Approximately half of them are requesting 'girls only', and the others are open to either gender. (we're requesting a boy) Turns out that alot of 'minor conditions' that we're open to, are now 'requirements' for parents in the 'regular' program to be open to... so I'm thinking that's going to cause our wait time to increase (as we were hoping for those 'conditions' to be our 'best case scenario').

Another thing that was clarified, is that when a referral comes through the WCP (Waiting Child Program), the director will pull all the 'homestudy ready' families that are open to what ever 'conditions' the child has. If there are a lot of them, then more than likely, they'll go by how long they've been waiting. (but that's not a hard and fast rule) If you get a call from the director, then you have been the ONLY family that has been contacted. Once you review the file, and accept, there are a few little forms and papers that you have to fill out, and then the referral will be an official 'match'. The 'committee' that I was talking about before only happens with the children that have been 'photolisted' (like the little boy that I had 'found' a few weeks ago).

Anyway, that might sound like a lot of 'blah... blah... blah...', but it actually gives me a little bit of encouragement in our process. Progress is being made, and it'll be fun to see what happens.


Amber said...

Yay... each step is a step closer. Can't wait til you post your happy news. Glad to see things are moving forward- very exciting ;)

Anonymous said...
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