Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If you like Kate Gosselin - Don't read this post

I'm a big fan of 'Dancing With The Stars'. 

I'm not a big fan of Kate Gosselin.

Seriously... WHY is she even on this show? Why is she on ANY show?! I used to be a fan of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8'... back when Jon was still working a desk job and Kate still worked at the hospital on Saturdays... my how things have changed since then. It's pathetic, and it's sad. Even though Jon is looking a little less than stellar these days, I still like him more than Kate. 

I think a prime example of Kate's awfulness can best be witnessed on this past Monday's DWTS. Tony Dovolani (her 'partner') has always been known as this 'great guy'. He's super kind, happy, and so supportive of his partners... and has been this way for many seasons.

So when Tony basically 'quits' because of Kate... um... yeah... something MUST be up. That's so unlike Tony - and the drama that unfolded... well... that's so Kate: always demeaning, always condescending, and always playing the 'victim'. 

And to find out that she's STILL on the show for another week... bleck... I instantly feel sick to my stomach. 

Can anyone honestly give me a good reason to 'like' that woman?

Personally, I find her as revolting as that stupid hair cut she donned.
(and don't get me started on how much her extensions cost!)


Anonymous said...

That last picture of Kate captures it so well. I'm sure ABC will try to bring "Ocotomom" next for "Dancing with the Stars". So do they get paid to Dance? Is that why she is doing it?

Jaci said...

There is something seriously wrong with this woman but I no longer care!

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