Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's all adding up...

So I've been working away at the large order I'm trying to fill
and the deadline is coming at me super fast.

Tonight I finished 218 Daisy Bloom 'bases'.

Which I can add to the other pile of Daisies...

which is added to yet another pile of Daisies...

Which of course is added to the boatload of Daisies...

Which gets me to the magical number of


It feels good to be done with the Daisies.

Now I can move on to the 


Bitty Blooms that I have left to make.

OH. And we can't forget the number


Which is the amount of ibuprofen
that I take before going to bed & when I rise.
(since sometimes I feel like my fingers don't want to work anymore)


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I am impressed and amazed at the same time! I can see why you need the number 3 in the am and pm! You do beautiful work though, still wish my kids were younger so I can buy these! Oh, maybe I still can to donate to the Holt auction!

andy and meg said...

That is A TON of work! Holy cow! I LOVE the song choice, by the way.

Sandhya said...

Amazing, Rachel! I'm so excited for you that you are getting these huge orders! Your blooms are still the cutest clips out there by far:) Happy working!

Kimberly and Ed said...

You are amazing!!! I don't know how you do it! I wish I lived nearby so I could help you.

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