Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Squeeze Inn

Bob is a big fan of the show on the Food Network

Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives

so of course (by default) I am too. 

One episode talked about a place that happens 
to be 'local' to us called
The Squeeze Inn
they have the most amazing Cheeseburgers.

For a few weeks now, Bob has been dying to go. 
We actually tried on one of his days off, but when we
got there, the line was out the door... at 1pm... so
we turned around and went home. 

So the 'plan' this time, was to get there early.
So we got there just before 11am. 
Nothing like an early lunch, right?

while we were waiting Claire got some new friends
from the vending machine

I forgot to include Princess Presto 
so according to Claire, I had to take the photo again.

We also played the game 
'Guess which hand the animals are in'
I know, it looks super hard.

But then my burger arrived so we had to stop playing.
The Squeeze Inn is known for the 
'cheese skirt' that comes on the cheeseburgers.
It's perfectly crunchy and tastes ohhhh, so good!

I went to cut mine in half, the cheese just kept coming.

I also folded the cheese skirt under so that I could
get crunchy bits with each bite
(I know, pretty brilliant on my part)

The cheeseburger comes with:

And it's pretty darn good. 
* although I will say that the bun wasn't my favorite *

Overall, The Sqeeze Inn gets 
two thumbs up from this family.
(or should that be six?)


Karen said...

I love the VeggieTales cheeseburger song! Oh, and that burger looks sooooo good. Your photos were cracking me up!

Anonymous said...

Love Triple D! I have posted in my Blackberry every place I would like to try if I happen to be in that area. Squeeze Inn looks "Off the hook!". Great, now I'm hungry...

Kelli said...

My kind of girl......

JimandJackie said...

LOVE triple D...I aspire to be Guy's assisant. Your daughter is so cute!

Jenny said...

our family loves that show too and it makes me my mouth water every time.

Kmoana said...

YUMMM!!! and I really like the cheese skirt folded inward idea...yes, you are pretty darn brilliant :) xoxo

Kim said...

I saw that episode and SO wanted to try that burger!! Yummy! And man, that game Claire was playing was pretty tricky!! She's so funny!

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