Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chuck goes to Chuck's Place

We had some free time this morning and Bob
was scheduled to 'close', so we decided to take the kids on an outing.

Once we got in the car we just drove,
we didn't say where our destination was.

I have to say, it was pretty cute when Claire figured it out
(which was when we drove up and parked)
and she was pretty excited to introduce her brother to

Chuck E. Cheese

 first they rode a 'virtual roller-coaster'
(notice they're holding hands!)

 and then they did some rocket type thingy

 Claire tried to make Charlie 'look' at the camera

he rode the merry-go-round all by himself!

 HORRIBLE PHOTO - but I LOVE Claire's expression

 making friends with Bob the Builder

 and checking out the school bus

they tried the slide together

and Charlie even tried it on his own

he may not look like it - but he really did like it

and there's no question that this girl absolutely loved it

so all in all, it was a fun little trip
and I'm sure we'll be coming back in the very near future.


Leah said...

Loved the pictures! So raw and natural! Charlie was in awe! So adorably cute too! Red looks so good on Claire. Ramsey is right, best dressed kids I know, well, okay seen pictures of! :)

Anonymous said...

How fun! Oh how I remember the Chucky days...glad it's over(survived three kids), but glad it's still there for all the young families for great memories!

Lucille05 said...

Cute! And I need a pair of those striped tights Claire has on. So cute.

Did you know Chuck-E-Cheese serves beer and wine? Just fyi.

Joyful said...

This is my favorite post yet! I love the pictures of the kids holding hands and having fun together. I'm so glad Claire seems to be adjusting and looks like she's taken on the very important big sister role. They are so precious!!

Sandy said...

Awww.... precious! I love how they are holding hands in the first picture...looks like Claire is getting used to the idea of a little brother - and maybe even liking it! :-) Have a great birthday!

JimandJackie said...

Claire looks like she is being so sweet with him, how fun!

andy and meg said...

Great pictures! Claire looks like such a great leader. And I"m diggin Charlie's hair. Great post :)

Lacey B. said...

Oh my gosh! I just noticed Claires boots. Those are Pedipeds! I have been wanting those for Elle. Do you love them?

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