Friday, December 3, 2010

the most beautiful tree in the world

it's starts with a little bit of pink and purple
(okay, so maybe a lot)

and add a sweet little big girl

who loves to decorate

it takes a lot of concentration to make the perfect tree

even if it ends up a little 'Charlie Brown-ish'

it brought a whole lotta excitement to her face

and entertainment to the little brother

which resulted in two-thumbs up from our little worker bee

and because it turned out so amazingly beautiful
we have decided that the only fitting place for it would be
in her room - as her new night light

which is totally fine by me


Anonymous said...

Completely and utterly beautiful! The tree too!

Leah said...

Awwwwww..... soooo sweet! I always love the pictures! :)

Lucille05 said...

Cute! What beautiful photographs. Love the pink tree -- my girls would go nuts over that tree:)

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