Monday, October 22, 2007

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures (okay.. so maybe only 4)

Okay, so this was SO not meant to be the first picture you see, but hey, I guess things happen for a reason, right? haha. Anyway, this is a photo from a 'Britney Spears' themed birthday party I went to. The blonde on the right is my friend Mary (and birthday girl). And believe it or not, she was ACTUALLY MISTAKEN FOR BRITNEY SPEARS while we were out. Hmm. I mean, I think she had a great costume and all... but really... if we're being honest here, I think I AM the most authentic Britney. Who doesn't love an Asian Brit -right?!?!?! It's believable. Yeah... Sure it is.

I was doing hair the other night and I walked into the room to see Bob and Claire lying on the floor watching football. This had to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen in my entire life, so of course I had to go run and get my camera. Fortunately they were willing to hold their 'pose'. SO CUTE - and so is my daughter.. (hee-hee, love you Bob!)

This is our little munchkin that we know and love. It's photos like this that make me just want to squeeze her!! I'm proud to say that she is now just about 14lbs. I know, she's just bigger than a large infant. But at six months, she's has doubled her birth-weight, so it's all good.

Sweet little Claire. So unhappy. I know the 'quality' of this photo is totally lacking, but I just had to post this as I love her 'big lip' as we call it. See.. the girl DOES get upset! She's not perfect all the time!


Sara said...


I just want to squeeze her!!! I can't decide which picture I like the most...I think you as Britney. Hardy, har, har! :)

Give us more! Give us more! Give us more!

Kostjuk5 said...

Rach - I have to say you rock as Britney. You make me laugh and I miss your jokes and your fun personality. You can really make me laugh.

Baby Claire is just so stinkin' cute. Lexi still talks about her and had to look at all her pictures.

We miss you.
Ash & family

Moulton family said...

Rach I just found your blog through Sara and I am totally excited! Claire's face is the cutest thing i have ever seen. I also have a picture of Wills watching football with daddy. Fun stuff! oh btw if you try to look at my blog it is private so here you go.

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